A Sweet Getaway

We are in Hershey, Pa
the the State Fair Convention.
You have to love a place that drops
Hershey kisses
like confetti!

Hershey kisses on the wallpaper

Hershey bars at check-in.
Chocolate, everywhere.
Does it get any better than this?

Dinner, last night.
Wish that I would have taken a picture of the dessert.
Death, by chocolate!

There is quite the story leading up to the departure for this trip.
"Normal" chaos of life.
and then
a speeding ticket along the way.
All put behind
out of mind
now time to relax

Yesterday was spent
with a
friend that I do
not get to see enough.

It was so nice to catch up.
didn't I take any pics of us together?


Catherine said…
Yummy! One of my favorite places!! How about the chocolate spa treatments!
Sheila said…
Have a great time Cathy. Maybe JWS should let you drive on the way home???
Angela said…
Hi Cathy, So glad you are away and enjoying yourself. Sure would love to trade hotels with you. Although I don't need a smidgen of chocolate, I would love to be in Hershey, PA. Have always wanted to visit. Catching up with a friend is a great way to spend your time. Have a good and safe trip. Great picture of you and the mister.
Teresa said…
Enjoy yourself. I love just the smell there. How can you go wrong with a candy bar at check in.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
awww what a great pic of you both!!
Have a great weekend Cath!!
Lesley said…
Wow you two look great Cathy.
It would be death by chocolate for me. LOL
Enjoy and you really need this time away together.
Have fun....Les xo
Laurie said…
I've heard that in Hershey, it actually smells like chocolate. Is that really true? Sounds like shear Heaven to me! Have fun!
Oh fun! I've been there! Chocolate everywhere! Yum! Have fun!

Have you had a chance to check your email? You won my un-birthday giveaway!!!! Please send me your address. :)

Carmen and the Primcats
annie said…
Great photos, esp. of you, love Hershey's!
Have a wonderful time on your little getaway! Love the picture of you two!
Holly said…
I have always wanted to visit there. Looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy all that chocolate and have fun.
frontporchprims said…
You may have died and gone to Heaven. I would love to be surrounded by that much chocolate. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing. -Steph-
Angie Berry said…
Oh YUM! I love that place!! Such a neat town, love the kiss lights on the old-fashioned lamp posts. I have seen the lodge and it is gorgeous! Chocolate is definitely a great way to forget all the chaos. Enjoy your time there!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Ok....I decided that I'm probably going to drive you absolutely NUTTY commenting on all these past posts that I missed - so, I'll just read....'cept I had to comment on this one. LOVE that photo of you!! You are so pretty!!! (And, yummmm...chocolate!!!) Robin