My Wins!

over at
hosted an unbirthday giveaway.
and I won! 

I was so excited to get the package,
opening it up in between
browning hamburger
and making tacos
the other night.
Nothing like multi-tasking.
I love everything!
I had fun placing everything around the house this morning.
The little inspire pillow in the suitcase above.
The lacy gloves were a thrift shop find
last weekend.

And this little note holder was perfect
for the postcard that I bought last weekend.
I had no idea how I was going to display it.
The card is of the old pool
Idora Park
in Youngstown, Ohio.
Sadly, Idora Park is no longer there,
I love the memories that it holds for me though.

This cake and shoo-fly cover.
I did not understand what to do with the cakes.
Guess I haven't been paying attention in
Primitive Decorating Class.
Carmen was a dear and explained to me what they were!
The house smells wonderful from them.

I propped this one against the butter mold that my Dad made for me.
and the little bowl waiting to be filled yet. 
I have an idea....

Fresh Linen Potpourri and Stars.
Smells so good!

The cute little garlic crock sitting filled right
on the kitchen windowsill
where the garlic hangs out.

Also some wonderful
Bath and Body
Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion.
I love that scent!

Mittens are finished and picked up.

And the scarf is finished and already in the hands of it's new owner.

I have had the greatest Saturday so far.
Stacked some firewood with JWS.
Put away all the snowmen and remainder of Christmas Stuff.
Started two new projects.
Did some redecorating.
best of all...

They don't get any better than this!


Sheila said…
Happy Saturday Cathy! glad you are having a great day. Love all the pics of the special things that make you smile, and the pretties from Carmen!
New projects already! No grass growing under your feet ;-)
Hope your night is a good one too.
Laurie said…
Oh how nice for you! I love what she sent ... enjoy! :)
Love your new goodies from Carmen!
You displayed them wonderfully. The mittens and scarf turned out Beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday!
Congrats on your winnings !

Love the scarf and mittens !

Congratulations on winning Carmens Un-Birthday giveaway...wonderful treasures packed inside I those shoo-fly screens.
What a cute Garlic keeper.

frontporchprims said…
I was wondering what was in that package:) What wonderful goodies. Carmen is so sweet. -Steph-
I'm so glad you liked everything!!!!

Carmen and the Primcats
Theresa said…
What a great giveaway win! Everything looks so nice.
TheCrankyCrow said… I lied. Have to comment on this post and congratulate you on your unbirthday win from Carmen. Fun stuff she sent you! I love her shoo-flies - and those pantry cakes are awesome!!! Robin