Confession is good for..

well let's just be honest.
How many of you can't resist starting
Oh, I read your blogs,
most of you are like me,
some are not.
I can't believe the willpower,
the fortitude,
the organization,
the OCDness,
of some of you who say,
that you finish one project before you start the next.
I have at least
twenty seven projects
at one time.
I know that I don't have the mittens done yet.
in all honesty.
I work on them until my hands cramp,
which is usually about 20 minutes at a time
then I switch to something else.
I must say,
they are almost done right now.
About three more
twenty minute sessions,
and they will be complete.
with that in mind...
I started the scarf above!
I could not resist.
I love the pattern,
even though
Jennifer said,
 "It looks like you would be wearing a doily."
I guess I have worn stranger things.
If I like it,
I am heading straight to
some really nice
more $$$

I don't treat myself to good yarn very often.
There is a great little yarn shop near here.
Actually two.
I have no idea how,
in a place
twenty miles from a stoplight,
twenty miles from a Walmart
and thirty five miles from a mall.
We ended up with
two yarn shops
across the street from one another,
but we did.
One of them carries
really nice
regular yarns.
A very nice selection, reasonably priced and local.
Not supporting big business,
supporting local small business.
I like that.
The other is a more high end yarn shop.
I touch and feel
and wish I had a skein of each.
if I did,
I would probably be too scared to put a needle or hook
into any of it.
I have limited my purchases there to sale items.
when I do,
it is so nice to work with that yarn.
And I guess,
if you are going to cramp your hands
into an arthritic state,
You probably should do it with good yarn!


Trace4J said…
Oh Cathy!
I have about 7 projects going on on the table next to my favorite chair. That doesn't even count the ones in my cupboards. :)
Love the beautiful scarf.
Hugs Trace
Denise said…
I probably have 15 starts sitting around with a few abandoned ones thrown in for good measure.

Don't feel bad about your multiple projects!
pammyjo said…
You are my twin I swear! However you are neater and more organized than I. I'm so glad u r out there Cathy! A new name for people like us..."creatives". Keep up the good creating.
Sheila said…
nothing wrong with keeping several things going at once, then you don't get bored! Besides, didn't you just finish up with a whole bunch of projects right before Christmas? Ya I think I remember that!! lol New year, got to keep the craft projects flowing, so you'll have a new hit list by the end of this year, right?
I think the scarf will be lovely!
Have a great day~
Angela said…
Well Cathy, you are not along. Unless I get busy, I have a rabbit that will see his second Easter with no arms and no legs. (ha). There is something about him I just don't like and he sits and stares at me UNFINSIHED!! Your scarf will be beautiful. I love working with shells don't you? Please show the finished garment. Have a great day.
Teresa said…
I like the lacey look of the new scarf. Can't wait to see more of it.
I have about 3 projects at once, anymore and would get confused.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Ditto for all the comments above, Cathy!!! lol I was making fabric flowers, switched to a daisy, now I'm on strawberries and then there's the x's and o's that are laying over there to be stuffed!!!!! Pop over to my blog for a giveaway!!!! Haven't painted since Christmas, on a sewing kick!!!!
I can't do one thing at a time either, I think because I have a very short attention span and get bored easily with what I am doing and have to put it aside to work on something new! Problem is, in my old age I forget what it was I was working on until I refind it under a huge pile and remember to start what I finished LOL! Love the mittens, can't wait to see the scarf; I admire your knitting prowess, I am severely challenged in that particular crafting department (thank goodness or I'd have even MORE unfinished piles!)
acorn hollow said…
yes I am guilty of that also seeing something on a blog and thinking I might like that and start. I try to finish most things.
I always have a million projects going at the same time Oh, were not counting the ones in our head too??? Life would be boring if we didn't have a lot going on at the same time. I wish I could be one of those people that complete one project at a time. Maybe my craft room would be a lot neater.
Thanks for support your local small business!
Have fun with all your projects!!!
The scarf is cute!
Prim Blessings
Oh 27 going at once is nothing my friend. I would take a pic of my craft room but that would just be embarrassing. I think if you can finish a pair of mittens you are seriously ahead of the game. I have a pair that I have been saving for about 20 years. NO THUMBS lol.
My leap year list is to finish two started projects a week. So far so good.
I Like the look of the scarf your making. Can't wait to see it finished.
I have a 101 unfinished projects around here, seriously.
I'm glad I can relate with my Blog friends, because my family sure doesn't understand! Have a wonderful weekend Cathy!