A Gift From the Past and Stash Bustin'

First of all, 
my mother would be horrified
that I put this picture on here.

She is so precise and over the top
with her quilts,
that she would notice every imperfection here.

I think that this might be the first quilt she ever made.
I had forgotten all about it.
It had been left behind in a long ago move.
And was
this week.
It was mine when I was a little girl.
So happy
to have it back!

Some yarn
stash bustin'.
Sure love making these cowls,
really lovin'
those knitting needles
out of mothballs.

Finally finished all of these this morning.
I got a little carried away cutting them out.
didn't want another unfinished project,
so I persevered.
And got them done.
Into the bin for the open house...
but not before
I am not going to advertise it.
It's just for those of you that stop by here regularly.
I appreciate all of you.
if you happened in here.
Just leave a comment on this post.
I'll be giving away that four square jean mat,
and of course,
some other things.
So just leave a comment here.

Wonderful visit with these two bundles of joy
over the weekend.
They had a sleepover here
while Mom and Dad got away
for a little bit.
Gracelyn loved building
jigsaw puzzles on the computer.

And this little boy,
could not be a happier little guy!

Don't forget to leave a comment,
I'll be drawing a name next Monday morning!

Thanks for stopping in to visit!


Patti said…
Count me in. I love the cowls too, made one for myself and it is so warm. Love the pictures of the Grandloves, they are adorable. Patti
acorn hollow said…
That quilt is so sweet flaws and all. not that I could ever see any. your gandbabies are so sweet.
please put me in for your give away
First that quilt that your Mom made is perfect, I love it. If that was her first quilt she did a fabulous job!!!!!

I love what you are making, you are so talented!
Also tow see those 2 cuite pies one on the computer, all I could think just like a woman, shopping, LOL!!!
The little guy all in blue, is so cute you want to kiss those cheeks!

We can't wait for grandchildren, not anytime soon. Our oldest os 20 and he is in college and our youngest is 17 and in high school.
They are great kiddos', in this day an age, we were blessed, but I do believe it starts at home and you have to have an open commuication with your children, in our case young men, well al least one.
I wouldn't want to raise young children today.
To much junk in this world, that is why I worry when our sons start to have a family of their own, by then we will be in Cosby, TN., my husband is able to retire in 8 yrs so we are building our drean home there and our sons are moving there as well, they love it.
We go every summer and they are country boys. We live in the country now in a small town of Hopkinton. Mass. where the marathon starts every year!!!!They will be buying their home or building on our land in the mountains and I can't wait!!!!
You are so blessed with beautiful grandchildren and I am sure they are spoiled and that is what Grandma's do!!!!!
They are gifts for the Lord for sure!
Carol K said…
How lucky you are to have that quilt.....what memories it must hold for you! And we will definitely keep our knitting needles clicking this winter. ~~Carol
luv2teek said…
Hi Cathy,

Love the blue jean runners--another idea to post in the "someday try" archives, but until then, count me in for your giveaway.

Also, did not take time to comment on your snowmen candle mats, but love them too!

First off...I looove the Cowls you made...they are wonderful. Goodness I haven't knit in a hundred years! lol
Is there anything more precious than our grandbabies...LOVE THEM!

You definitely have more perseverance than I do at the moment...I have to MAKE myself do something. I'm fighting a crappy cold and it has really taken me down. I love what you have created.

I'd be honored to join in on this great giveaway.

Catherine said…
How great that you got your quilt back!! I remember when those quilts were so popular....but,, I didn't have one as mom sewed, but didn't really quilt.
The little ones look so comfy, cozy and content. Sounds like a nice visit.
I'd love a chance to have one of your runners ~ count me in! Thanks!
Hey....me again...I think I may have addressed you as Carol...if so...I'M SORRY.
Not sure why my mind says I did but - now you know...this cold has done something to my mind.
Cathy, you won't beleive this, but I had a quilt with the same bonnet girl on it when I was a little girl. Mine is red, white, and blue, I think the bonnet girl was made out of red materials. I should dig it out and show you when you come to Maine.
annie said…
I would love to be put in for the giveaway. Those look fantastic. I love the Sue quilt, what a treasure! Those grand babies are just adorable!
Hello Cathy-
What a beautiful quilt and a treasure to have.
You certainly were busy. Love how your denim runners turned out. I see alot of denim ideas on Pinterest. One is a Christmas stocking, that interested me. Maybe I should start saving jeans.
Though my middle son will only wear jeans that are full of holes, Lol! The money that child spends on jeans full of holes, makes me ill.
Your grandchildren are so Precious.
They sure grow up fast.
Count me in on your Giveaway!

Sheila said…
how awesome that the Sunbonnet Sue quilt returned!
You continue to amaze me with all the projects you are getting done. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway.
That Garren is a hoot! Love his sweet little cheesey smile. We have our youngest grandson for a few days. So different having just one of them.
Have a great week!
Teresa said…
Oh that quilt brings back memories. My grandmother made me a little girl quilt. Maybe it is time to bring it back out.
Your little house guests are too cute.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Carol said…
I follow your posts faithfully and have to say you take my breath away with all that you do and are an inspiration in the craziness that invades all our lives. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. Just wanted you to know that even though I seldom comment I always stop in and enjoy your day! Thanks for all your sharing!
Angela said…
Hi Cathy, so glad your quilt found its way back to you. What a special memory to have back in your possession. You are staying so busy and getting some great items finished. Such a sweet giveaway. Please enter my name. I would be honored to have your work in my home. Such precious grandbabies. I know you enjoyed your time with them. Have a great week.
frontporchprims said…
I am so happy that you got your quilt back. I have some one from my mother and grandmother and would be very sad if they went missing. Good persevering. I bet you feel good your project is done:) Now on to the next......I love the jean mat.....so count me in:) Happy you got to have a visit from the kids. -Steph-
I made a similar quilt to that for Sara before she was born. It is quite worn and oft repaired. It is actually a Southern Belles pattern that I adapted from a magazine onto grocery bags. It was a daunting project back then. I'm not sure I would attempt it again but to tell you the truth, I probably would! She is 35 now and she just loves that thing.
I love your re-purposed jeans and I would love to have a chance to win this one. Back when my Mom was first retired, she belonged to a quilting group. All she did was cut apart old clothes for the fabric but she loved the fellowship. She cut blue jeans into strips for the lady who had a loom and made rugs ( and placemats ) for all the gals in the group. Mom gave me several. They are the kind that last a lifetime. Recycling...good choice!
What a great treasure rediscovered! Love the jean mats!! Sign me up sister!
patti :)
BurttBunch said…
Love the cowls!!! I hope to be a fun grandma like you when i have grandkids =)
Lesley said…
Hi Cathy, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on today's post. I was speaking Canadian, gimp is like Photoshop, but FREE. LOL
Anyways it is wonderful to see all your creations, the grandbabies are just beautiful, how could you not love those little people?
Take care and don't throw my name in this time, I won a lovely prize the last go around, time for someone new.
Lesley ♥
Hi Cathy: I am in awe of all that you create and finish. Love those cowls, maybe you could do a quick tutorial on how to make 'em, or do you sell them? Love the sunbonnet sue quilt and how wonderful it is that you have it! And how you re-cycle the jeans into runners is amazing.. I wish I had 1/2 of your energy! You go, girl! Love ya
{{HUGS}} Joy
I just stopped by to say Hello and this quilt caught my eye! How gorgeous...my grandmother always made this design! One of my favorites! Thanks for the fun, my friend! ♥