February Giveaway

Hot off the paintbrushes,
this just finished
canvas board.
You will have to frame it,
just use it as it is.

Let's keep this simple.
Comment on this post.
One entry.
Mention it on your blog
Two entries.

Oh and you have to be a follower
or a new follower. 

It is going to have to be limited to

Please leave me an email address if you don't have a blog!

Giveaway ends
February 13th!


Angela said…
Okay Cathy, I'll take the plunge and be NO.1. Just don't ever feel that is a lucky number when entering a giveaway. Butt my luck changed this week as I was the first and won!! Love the sheep painting. How do you ever find time to do all you do? Would be honored to have it in my home. Please enter my name. Have a great Wednesday
Sheila said…
Awesome piece!
Count me in please and I'll go put it on my sidebar~
(busy woman that you are)
Hi Cathy, love your painting ( as always!), please enter me in your giveaway! I am a follower of your blog and live in Canada and I posted a link to your giveaway on my sidebar. Thanks so much for the opportunity! De b
Love it! Sure wish I had even half of your painting talents! Please include me in the giveaway. I will add a link on my sidebar in the giveaway section. Thanks so much!
Such a wonderful giveaway!!!
I would LOVE to be entered in!
I'm a follower and will post on my sidebar!
Prim Blessings
Love your sheep canvas board.
Your painting skills are amazing.
I would Love to be entered in your Giveaway.
I am a follower, live in the US,
and I will post on my sidebar!

Oh Cathy, please enter me. And will post on my blog. Would love to have a piece of your work!!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Whew!! I think I've caught up on your blog...How, exactly, is it you even have TIME to blog when you keep turning out all these amazing projects??? (BTW - I'm loving the rework of Kendall's blanket....Those colors are amazing together!) And what a wonderful giveaway treasure...You know I love me my sheep. However, I have been so very remiss in my visits and comments here, I would not feel right about entering, so I will sit this out and wish everyone else the best of luck. I will, however, happily post it on my blog sidebar....You are so stinking talented. I LOVE this!!! Hope your week is going well....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Tam said…
I love sheep, and this painting is amazing great job, Please enter me and I posted on my side bar
BumbleBeeLane said…
Count me in! Of course I follow your antics!~Amy
Farmhouse prims said…
You have such awesome talent, I admire your painting soooo much! I love sheep, and would be thrilled to be entered in your giveaway, I am a follower. Hugs, Lecia
Love the sheep!!!
That's so cute, Cathy. I will go and put a post on my blog right now.
Kathy said…
Too cute Cathy.. love it.. will do a post on my blog too..
Oh I love it!

Sign me up and I will post on my giveaway page too!

Carmen and the Primcats
Hi Cathy,
Love this painting! It would make the best b-day gift to me. heehee.
Please enter me and I'll post on my blog sidebar.
Have a creative week!
NancyD said…
Wow, I can't think of anything nicer than to win one of your works of art! I love everything you do, you are one talented lady!!
I will post on my blog too!!
Have a great day. :)
Carol Stuck said…
What an awesome painting. I collect sheep. Please enter me for a chance.

Hi Cathy - please sign me up!
I'm a follower and posted on my sidebar.
Wasn't lucky in 2011 - maybe 2012 is my year! :D

Sandy said…
A Great give away--love it--please sign me up...
I just love your sheep painting! Thank you for a chance to win your sweet giveaway. I love sheep. :D

Prim blessings,
Coloradolady said…
I am a follower!! THis little sheep painting is just adorable.

I had to laugh at your sewing room...it looks neat as a pin to me...mine....is surely an episode for Hoarders.... Just "clean" Hoarding....not like what they show on TV...HAHA.....thanks for the chance!
Barb said…
Hi Cathy,
Love your painting!!!
I would love to be entered in your giveaway!
I am a follower of your blog.
I live in the USA.
I posted a link to your giveaway on my sidebar.
Thanks so much for the opportunity of a fabulous giveaway!
Enjoy your day,
luv2teek said…
Love the painting, Cathy...I think I could find a place in my house for it should I be lucky enough to win. ;) Bev
Nancy said…
Hi...I am a follower and LOVE the painting...you are awesome! Time for me to pick up brushes again!
Jody said…
Hi CAthy! Wow that is awesome!! What a great painting!
angelbugprims said…
Hi Cathy
Love this giveaway! You're very talented!! You can find me at angelbugprim.blogspot.com or angelalk1@yahoo.com. Thanks for the entry!!
Quilting "b" said…
Hi Cathy, I love your painting you are so talented. I wish I could paint like you. I am a follower and please enter me into your very generous giveaway.
Hi, Cathy:
You are so talented! I'd love to enter and I'll post this on by
blog sidebar in the giveaway column.
I'm a new follower. This is so sweet!! Love it. Thank you for the opportunity!
TheRustyThimble said…
Hello Cathy, Wow I would love a chance to win. I love Sheep

I am a follower will add to my sidebar, and I live in the USA

Thank you
This is an awesome painting! I am going to share on my blog and also on FB...Thanks for the chance to win!

Linda Akin
SweetPepperRose said…
Hello! Wonderful country prim paintings you have there. You're very talented! I'm a new follower, and I will post this give away to my right side bar.
Thanks for sharing your giveaway!
Crafts By Jodi said…
Please enter me in this giveaway! I am a follower and I posted it on my sidebar of my blog. I LOVE your paintings! I love looking at your blog and getting inspired!!

Hi, I just found your site, love your items. Please enter me into your giveaway, I'm a new follower! Please stop by and visit my blog - brand new! I will post to my sidebar.
Thanks - Lori
frontporchprims said…
Holy Cow!!! How did I almost miss this? Embarassing:0
I have posted on my sidebar for you. I have folk art all over my house. Everywhere......on walls, above windows, on end tables, in calendars..... so I would die if I won one of your originals. Thanks for the chance Cathy. -Steph-
soccermom1 said…
I love this! Thanks for the chance!
I am a new follower
rjs682 at yahoo dot com
tmc480 said…
Great giveaway. I have a spot just for this!!
I am following

email: tmc480 at yahoo dot com
ryanac32 said…
I am following. I love the painting. Thanks!
ryanac32 at yahoo dot com
Theresa N. said…
Love your painting. I'm a gfc follower: theresan.
Theresa N