A Night at the Auction

and wow did I score some goodies!

Lots of goodies!

All these vintage quilt blocks,

and a few finished quilts, 
some more 
vintage than others.

And now the question? 
Sell them as is
turn them into finished tops? 

Any thoughts?

Also, buried in the box were some 
awesome souvenir

And I found this little beauty of a lamp. 
My mom had a gray set like this....
My sister got those somehow....

And this double knit fabric
in the colors I need for a new rug at my side door. 
Just in time, 
the one there now is pretty embarrassing!  


Ann said…
Nice haul. Maybe you could sell some as is and some finished tops.
I just threw a rug in the trash yesterday because it was so bad.
Wonderful finds! Can't wait to see your finished rug!