Quick Florida Trip.

So, it was like May 21.  
A Saturday. 
JWS was going to Florida to visit a sick friend. 
He had a flight, a car, a hotel. 
I was going to be home alone. 
I had a list. 

I was going to get so much done. 

He is packed, 
he is ready.
It is 2:00 and he is leaving at 3:30 for the airport, 
when something in the way he asks me to go 
for the 59th time, 
makes me say 
At 3:30, I had a ticket, I was packed, showered 
and out the door. 
So, in my booking, I had gone against all wisdom of hotels and booked
Days Inn. 
After two bad experiences in that chain, 
you would think I would know better. 

We arrived, 
after eating a sandwich at a gas station
in not the best part of town
at midnight on a Saturday night. 

It was bad. 
There was a nefarious party going on in the next two rooms. 
Expensive black cars
(way too expensive for a Days Inn)
coming and going as we carried our bags in. 

The room smelled.
There were black hairs all through the sheets
and I slept with my clothes on. 
Mind you, 
I have lived for up to two weeks in 
Third World Nations. 
This was worse. 

We checked out the next morning. 
I am still fighting for a refund. 

We visited our friend and checked into the 
 I am telling you, 
it was perfect! 
In the 20+ years that I have been going to Daytona, 
I have always admired this place. 
JWS is strictly a chain motel person and there was little compromising. 

I think that he was just rewarding me for the 
quick packing! 
Check them out here:

Florida charm, 
Friendly people,
Spotless rooms,
I love it! 
We booked our March trip right away!

This was our round room above the office! 

I could not get pictures that would do it justice. 
Just check out the website. 

Sunday was a visit with my sister.
Thai food for lunch 
fun times. 

But the highlight?

Our friend had a scooter that needed moved to another location. 
She seemed to think that we 
should rent a trailer. 
We tried to make her understand
that we were driving a rented Mazda. 

I kept looking at it and saying, 
"It's only five miles, I can drive it there."
To which I kept getting "the Look."

Finally, I hopped on and took it for a little spin around the parking lot
and took off, right up A1A 
and across a really high bridge
to the place it needed to go. 
JWS and his buddy that kept circling to make sure I was ok? 
Stopped at a 7-11 for a snack and lost me. 

How do you lose someone going 10 miles an hour 
on a handicapped scooter? 

I don't know that you can view that video...
But I am sure with a little imagination  you can picture it! 


Ann said…
The big chain motels always come with a hefty price tag but not always the service to match. So that makes it 3 strikes against Days Inn. The other one you stayed at looks nice.
The video doesn't work but I can picture it and it gave me a good chuckle
Oh my, Cathy you made my day!
Thank You for the morning Chuckle!