And the Curtains!

Way back here
I promised no more pics
until the curtains.
Well, they are here! 
I knew that they were shipped,
I kept pestering the UPS man
(as if he has any power)
and yesterday
he manages to bring in all the packages
for the shop
and tells me that once again
my package is not here.
Lower lip out,
shoulders down,
I walk away.
he brings them in!
I must say,
I was excited!
My sister made them for me and shipped them from Florida.
She does an awesome job on curtains!
Piping and little weights,
they are so nice!

But then I realized...
I had no café rods!
So before they could even be hung
I had to run to town
to get rods! 

I think that they are just the perfect
finishing touch!

Now if I could just find those last three baskets
that I need for the closet shelf....
but they are being quite elusive,
the room would be finished!


acorn hollow said…
I had lime green curtains in my kitchen when I was first married. I love them.
Beautiful curtains!
They look great. I bet your happy.
Makes the whole room brand new.
Tricia XO
Ann said…
those are really nice and they look great