Last pics until the curtains

This is it,
no more pictures until I receive the curtains!
I promise.

A bird for the birdcage
some berry vine.
My sister warned me that
birdcage with a floral arrangement
looks like a tribute to a dead bird.
She likes birds,
I, however, think that a dead bird...
I guess we will just leave my opinion of birds
out of this post.

My thimble collection.
Started when I was a little girl
for many years stored away.
Dad carved the scissors for me.

Not sure about this,
I like both displays,
just don't know if I like them that close together.

And the Hoosier being put to good use.
This was in my Mom's neighbor's house when I was growing up.
I always liked it,
even as a little girl.
When my Mom had to go somewhere,
which wasn't that often
because she didn't have a car for years.
We would go to
Miss Braden's house for lunch.
You see,
until I was in high school,
we walked home everyday for lunch.
Mother's didn't work outside the home
in the olden days!
Miss Braden would fix us lunch
everything came out of this cupboard.
I can still remember sitting at her
kitchen table
eating lunch.
We really thought those days were special!
Miss Braden was an avid seamstress
she made many of my dresses when I was in elementary school.
She taught my Mom to sew and quilt and I still have that
first quilt that my Mom made for me.
I think that the sewing room
is an appropriate place
Miss Braden's cupboard!


Sheila said…
Your re-do of your sewing room is coming along nicely. The special displays of items that hold so many memories are endearing. Wonderful that you have that special piece from your childhood and all the memories it holds.
I can only imagine how lovely it all is in person!
Excited for you Cathy.....
Have a blessed day.
Balisha said…
I started a thimble collection for my daughrer.

I love that Hoosier Cabinet. I always wanted one. Now our house is so stuffed full...there is no room for one.My husband likes "shiny new"
I LOVE the hooser and the story behind it...FOR years I had wanted one and Daddy just looked at me like I had two heads and said that I HAD one...WHAT??? WELL, the top part had been the piece that was in the upstairs hallway that my brother and I played with as children and the bottom part STILL sits in the kitchen holding the microwave and Mother's cake pans...I USE the top part as a display piece at my shop, BUT I hope one day SOON to reunite the two pieces into ONE piece again...Several years ago, I found the receipts where my Aunt had paid each week to buy it when she sold the eggs from her chickens...GREAT memories!
Catherine said…
Love it all ~ such great memories and a tribute to your friend by placing the Hoosier here!