Diaper Gardening

Check out these baskets! 
These have been on my deck for around ten years.
every plant imaginable,
has been tried in them.
Total failure!
Nothing would grow!
The water would run out over the top,
through the bottom,
they just could not hold water.
So frustrating!
Then I saw it!
(can't remember where)
A diaper in the bottom of the pot,
under the dirt.
They are growing like crazy!


acorn hollow said…
well that is one way to garden and if it works that's great. I have used those pots before and used a plastic bag to line it and then made a few pin holes in it so it could drain a bit if we got to much rain.
Laurie said…
Hah! I knew it would be interesting when I saw the title to your post! Diaper gardening. Who would have thunk!!!!
Ann said…
who would have thought. I'm assuming that's a disposable diaper?
Yep, diaper holds the water and also you can line them with plastic to hold the water. Oh and they are beautiful.


Balisha said…
How clever....I will have to remember this for next year.
What a wonderful idea!
Love the baskets!
Prim Blessings
Amber said…
That, my friend, is an ingenious idea!!!!!
I heard of this. I need to try it.
Your flowers are beautiful.