Sewing Baskets

Sewing baskets are one of my favorite items to find at yard sales.
They are usually inexpensive
fun for me to go through and sort out.
In the process of cleaning out my
mother in law's house,
four of them were handed to me.
Last night,
I sorted.

A fun vintage needle folder,
love these!

Could needles be packaged
any more
I have a few of these now...
just trying to think of a way to display them.
More on that later....
I think I have an idea!
Hope that everyone has a great Saturday.
we will try to stay dry!


Ann said…
The only thing better than a good deal on a sewing basket is one that comes filled with goodies.
Love that vintage needle folder.
neat sewing items.

Laurie said…
When my grandmother died, I was lucky to receive her sewing box. I love going through it even now, it has so many vintage treasures, from old cardboard bobbins and 5 cent spools of thread to patterns she cut from really old newspapers. She has lots of the fancy needle wraps also. So many treasures, we're lucky Cathy!
Karen said…
What a fun collection and to get 4 all at once.
Love all the vintage things you can find in them.