Good Things, Bad Things

My peonies are in full bloom!
Good Thing!
The rain has them all beat to the ground.
Bad Thing!
I can still bring them in and put them in vases.
Good Thing!
They bring ants in the house like crazy!
Bad Thing, but worth it!

A new coffee cup that my Mom and Dad bought for me!
Good Thing!

We came home from work last night to find water dripping from our family room ceiling.
Bad Thing!
JWS quickly had it fixed!
it was a good excuse to clean under the vanity.
Double Good Thing!

Surprise delivery!
A sample box of goodies from Decoart! 
Lots of Good Things! 


Patti said…
Love the new products. Let us know what you think of the muti-surface paint. Patti
Karen said…
I'd say all the good outweighed the least it probably felt like that.
How awesome getting those paints!!!

The lady up the street has the most awesome Pink Peonies - I remember them as a child at our would cut them and put them in a vase and we mushed ants constantly...part of having Peonies.
Agree those are some good and bad things.

Laurie said…
I love love love that cup Cathy! I'm happy the good things wiped out the bad! Have a better good thing day!
Ann said…
my peonies have done the same thing. The worst part about them is they just don't last long enough.
That is some sample box.