Hang on..

There's a lot to tell.
First of all,
yesterday I was the DD.
That is our short term
Dialysis Driver.
Three hours to kill
Kittanning, PA.
That's Ok, if it is once in awhile,
but in the last year,
I thought I had exhausted all the possibilities of entertainment
available there.
Until yesterday.

This is Buttermilk Falls.

I had not been there in years.
As a matter of fact,
I got lost three times trying to find it.
When I did...

I couldn't resist...

But the water was so cold!

Such a pretty place!
I'll probably be back!

I did manage to get a few more purses done.
Packed away for the open house...
But maybe I'll leave one out for a giveaway...

And a towel that I had started months ago.

Yesterday I found these at a local thrift shop.
Less than $5 each.

Promptly painted the frames last night,
and this morning
I hung them over our bed.

See that?
My name!
They actually had my name on them,

I found the Kittanning Free Library,
because I am not a resident,
it was not quite free to me.
But money well spent,
I now have a library card again!

These are the current project,

more on them another day.

That's it!
I am off to work!


Very cool Cathy...we also have a buttermilk falls here too...we must be soul crafty sisters because I just bought 4 vintage music books 3 weeks ago-for projects like this too!...I'm wanting to decopauge everything! Have a great weekend! Love your bags too! gotta get going on using my zips :)
What a nice little place buttermilk falls is. Looks very peaceful! I love those eggs, I wonder what you are going to do with them!
Kathy said…
Love those pictures.. beautiful.. Imagine that a place with your name on it.. too wonderful.. I should get a library card again too.. so want to read the Hunger Games books...that Buttermilk falls is gorgeous..
Have a great day!!
Sheila said…
Good morning Cathy!
great ts finds and projects as always. Really like the frames painted black and they look perfect over your bed.
What a wonderful, tranquil place you visited. TFS the pictures.
Meant to comment on yesterdays post but never got back there. I really enjoyed it; you always have something interesting and though provoking to blog about. Love it!!
Boys went home yesterday so I better go make up for lost time but precious time well spent with them.
SweetPepperRose said…
what lovely waterfalls! oh and those eggs too cute. Think I'm gonna try some crackle painting on a few...
What Beautiful pictures Cathy!
Buttermilk Falls looks so peaceful and relaxing!
Love your little purses.
I made some of those eggs a few weeks ago, but I used book pages.
I Like yours with the music pages.
Enjoy your weekend!!

frontporchprims said…
The musical easter eggs are so beautiful. I love them. How fun to soak you feet. Your purses look fun. I bet every little girl on the block would love one. -Steph-
jennifer768 said…
Buttermilk Falls certainly is beautiful!It looks like a wonderful place to spend time.Great finds at the thrift shop.Love the eggs you are working on .Have a great weekend.Hugs,Jen
Beautiful pics Cathy!!!
So peaceful!
How cool is that to find your name on a picture! Wonderful finds!
Wonderful creations too!
Enjoy your weekend!
Prim Blessings
Cathy you make me tired!
You accomplish so much in short periods - I wish I had your organizational skills to get so much done.

What a gorgeous stream/falls...when we drive out to pa on the 76 Turnpike every so often you can see them along the turnpike...so pretty.

What sweet dresses for Haiti - I love the little blue flower one.

Catherine said…
What a pretty place you visited!
Just seeing your piggies in the water made me cold!
Love all of your projects!
Angie Berry said…
What a refreshing way to waste time. Even if the water was cold. It looks like a beautiful place!

You have just been going to town on those purses! They are so cute, I know my teenage daughter would LOVE them.

How fun to have found a print with your name in the picture. I'm assuming you hung it over your side of the bed?

Cute idea for the eggs! I like the look of them. It's been nice to catch up with you since I've been away for Spring Break. Enjoy the rest of your weekend~