Spring has Spring

This bush has never bloomed before this year. 
I planted it about three years ago and finally...

there are flowers!
Tons of them!

And so pretty.

Under the watchful eye of Arnold the cement pig,
the daffodils bloomed this morning.

And apparently,
Arnold was not quite doing his job.
Tyler and Logan,
in their zeal of seeing flowers already,
have smelled and touched the crocuses to death.

All except for the hearty little survivor.
Apparently, they seem to like the purple ones better.
They are quite wilted,
but all for a good cause.

Logan is up to 62 robins as of yesterday.
Grandma Shirley - 29.

Happy Spring!


Sheila said…
Your pictures this morning, Cathy are a welcome sight as I set here drinking my coffee and having a little quiet time to myself. As I look out my window it is snowing, ever so gently onto the already rain soaked ground. No signs of my tulips or daffodils ;-(
Curious, what is the name of the beautiful bush?
Enjoy your Sunday~
frontporchprims said…
62 robins? Wow. I haven't seen even 1 yet. But, I am watching and they will be here soon. Your flowers are so pretty. What a beautiful color of pink and yellow.
Trace4J said…
Just beautiful Friend!
Go Logan!! Shh don't tell Grandma I am rooting for him.:)
Hugs Trace

jennifer768 said…
Beautiful pics!Love the bush in the first pic what ever it is ,simply gorgeous.Hugs,Jen
Catherine said…
Pretty signs of springs!
Beautiful pictures Cathy! What is the name of the flowering Bush? I love it! My flowers are just starting to poke out of the ground. I seen 3 robins this morning, I think I'm up to 12 now, Lol! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful flowers Cathy!!!
Grandma better put her glasses on ~ she's a bit behind!!!
Happy first day of Spring!!!
Prim Blessings
TheCrankyCrow said…
Gorgeous photos Cathy - and what a beautiful breath of spring....no pretty blooms here yet - but it IS only March.... I'm with the others in asking what that first bush is? I know a lot of plants, but I don't know that one - almost looks like it's related to lily of the valley....love the blush of pink. Thanks for sharing your spring! Robin