Eggs and Dresses

Finished the eggs this morning.
A little ric-rac,
a little lace,
a little braid,
antique it all with some stamp pad ink,
of course,
a little glitter
and they are done.
Not sure if the pine cones
go with Easter,
but for now
they are there.

I guess I am back on the dress kick.
We are having another sewing night/weekend at our church,
to make these little dresses,
that will then be taken to Haiti
in June.
I thought I better refresh my memory of how to make them.
I could not believe two years had gone by since we had made them.
For directions

I am the DD again today.
Today's project:
Strip all beds completely.
Load all laundry in the mothership.
(that is what we call my MIL's car)
Raid my change stash,
or JWS's change stash.
(which incidentally, Gracelyn found and now calls it her secret agent money
that she loads her pockets with everytime she is here)
Gather the laundry soap
and a book
and after dropping my MIL at dialysis
I will be heading to the laundromat
to wash everything.
Brilliant use of time, if I do say so myself.

Tonight Wyatt arrives for a sleepover at Grandma's house.
So rare that I get him,
I can't wait!


Angela said…
Well Cathy, sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you. I love your egg display. Those dresses are so cute. Going to make sure Holly see's them and the directions. Enjoy your evening with the grandson. Darbee Rae STILL won't stay the night with me.
Sheila said…
Hope you enjoy your day even if it includes work ;-)
Sounds like the best part will be the sleepover with Wyatt! Have fun!
SweetPepperRose said…
The Easter eggs and basket all look great! And pine cones go with anything :D
Your eggs came out great! Thanks for the inspiration. And the dresses, too cute. What a great deed and contrubution :)
Lesley said…
Love that egg display and I agree pinecones go with anything. Makes it look very rustic.
Those dresses are darn cute and enjoy Wyatt tonight.
You always make great use of your time, great idea to do laundry while waiting for MIL.
Have fun...Les ♥
annie said…
The eggs are so cute. Good for you, helping where you can, all you can. God bless your efforts!
I love the Easter display~ and yes, the pine cones look great in it~
Wonderful dress for some little one's~Beautiful gift~
enjoy your day
frontporchprims said…
We've made those little dresses at our church for relief in other countrys as well. They are so cute. I love your eggs. They are really pretty. -Steph-
Laurie said…
I think the pine cones go perfectly! So pretty! Sounds like you have your day under control, I should be as organized!
Love the eggs Cathy and your display! And the dresses are adorable! What a good cause they are going for. How exciting to have a sleep over with your little Grandson!