Pics and No Pics

Pics of finished projects.
Lots of eggs.

An afghan done!

Wyatt's handprint on the wall, finally.
Now all we need is Garren's.
These are over the bathtub,
just noticed that Gracelyn's is a little crooked.

Another finished dress.

And you see how blurry these pictures are?
Even with steady shot set on the camera,
this little boy is way too fast.

Finally got him to sit still for a minute.
Maybe he was tired,
I know I was!

And now for the no pics.

Wyatt, taking a huge bite out of a roll of toilet paper while I was running bath water,
then peeing on the floor,
then when I finally got him in the tub and thought,
"Wow, he is corralled, I can sit right here and not have to chase him."
He puked the toilet paper all through the bath water.
So much for that peaceful moment!

And the second no pic.
Everything is done and dry and folded.
Where is my MIL's comforter that she sent with me?
Where is my favorite blanket that my mother made me?
I missed a whole washer!
For long time followers,
you might remember that is not the first time I missed a washer load of clothes.
And that folks is why I am not allowed to take JWS' clothes to the laundromat.
At least this time, I discovered it before I left the laundromat.

And the final no picture.
At least not one that I have,
the neighbors at the shop might have a pic.
Yesterday after work, I decide to clean out my car.
Not just take the huge amount of hoarder junk that is in there out,
but actually clean.
I get out the shop vac.
Not picking up.
I shake out the hose
I clean out the filter,
still not picking up.
I take the top off...
So, I take it over and dump it in the dumpster.
Finish vacuuming.
Clean the upholstery,
Clean the carpet.
Start to put everything away and I realize the attachments are all missing for the shop vac.
See where this is going?
That's right.
They are all in the dumpster.
the dumpster was emptied on Friday.
So it is deep.
Not empty of garbage,
but still deep.
Not clean and fresh,
just deep.
I can't reach them.
I hike myself up on the edge of the dumpster and hang over
head in,
legs out,
butt right at the top
out there for the world.
finally get them out.
Dumpster Diving!

And you ask,
why the sudden urge to clean the car?
Well, even if you didn't,
I am going to tell you.
JWS and I are going to a one-day open house at our shirt supplier
in Virginia.
We are leaving on Thursday
and coming home on Friday.
This is the first time that we have been away together alone
in over two years.
Just peace and quiet!
We'll see how that works out.

And finally,
no pic yet,
but watch for a giveaway


Good Morning Sweetie...
Oh I am so LOL right now. In the nicest way. I can just see your little legs dangling from the dumpster. (Been there done that.)

Sounds like you have been running none stop for days dear one. You are going to have such a nice time getting away just the two of you. Just get through the next couple of days.

Enjoy yourselves and have some good quality time together. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Many hugs to you sweetie. Have a great day today. Sherry
Catherine said…
Another entertaining post!! Never a dull moment!!
Always such a fun time coming can I miss a giggle or two (or maybe 3 today!)
How do you survive a day lady??? lol
Thanks for the fun time.
Balisha said…
Oh my gosh lady...You have worn me out by reading this. I can just imagine you hanging over the side of that dumpster. So funny. Hope your little trip is relaxing.
Angela said…
Love the eggs, dress and such a cute grandson, but my dear Cathy, you made me laugh out loud at the "no pic" stories you tell. There is never a dull moment in your life!! You should write a book. Can't wait to hear the details of your "peace and quietful" trip with your hubby. Hope you have fun and enjoy being away. Take care and be careful.
SweetPepperRose said…
First off, love your eggs, all antiqued up! Second, I totally relate to attempting to clean, only to be side tracked with getting the equipment together! LOL! Oh, I hope it's some of those eggs you're giving away!... Still working on the jean runner - it was kinda interrupted by Easter decorating:D
jennifer768 said…
Oh my what an adventurous life you lead my friend!Gosh but what a chuckle I got from the dumpster diving,though it reminded me of my escapade of climbing a fence in a skirt for all to see.LOL! Have great trip and hopefully it will be nice and quiet.Hugs,Jen
Sheila said…
You my dear are certainly entertaining-perhaps not always meaning to but you are!
That little Wyatt is a cutie.

While you were dumpster diving did you find anything good??? lol

I hope you and the hubs do enjoy your time away, sounds like you could use it.
Wonderful creations!!!
I love those hand prints on the wall ~ what a wonderful idea!!!
Your pictureless story's are just to funny ~ would of liked to see you in the dumpster!!!LOL
Have fun on your little adventure!!!
Prim Blessings
frontporchprims said…
Holy Cow!!! How do you clean a tub after that? And did you get the blankets back? And the attachements back? Hopefully your rear doesn't end up on the internent:) -Steph-
Lesley said…
All I can say...ROFL my friend....
OMGoodness Cathy! I can't stop laughing (in a good way) I sooo Love reading your daily posts. A wonderful way to start my day! I can just picture you dumpster diving!I'm still waiting for you to write a book on your adventures!

Love the hand prints on the wall. What a wonderful idea!

Your eggs turned out awesome as did the afgan also.

Wyatt is adorable. So Precious! Makes me miss my boys when they were that age.

Enjoy your day Cathy!!
Holly said…
I am sitting here laughing. Girl, you are too funny! Love the eggs and the little one is adorable! You've put a smile on my face this morning. Have a great day!
Only you!!!!!
Have a restful 2 day vacation!!

Angie Berry said…
Love the way the eggs turned out, they look great! I ADORE the handprints above the tub, what an awesome idea Cathy!

Wyatt is adorable!! Oh man, I remember those days when my boys were little. Lol, you had quite a time with Wyatt but I'm sure it was fun to have him around!

LOL, you crack me up so much! I'm surprised you didn't fall in the dumpster head first, I know that's what would have happened to me. Glad you were able to retrieve them without too much embarrassment to yourself, haha! Thanks for the laugh girl, glad everything is fine now.