To All Those Enablers

My Mother called on Tuesday
and informed me that the trunk of her car was full.
Could I meet her,
she wanted it emptied?
My Mother lives
100 miles away.
after work,
I make my half of the trip
and meet my parents for supper.
An event made so much easier with the time change.
I seriously dislike that trip in the dark.
what is pictured above
is part of what her trunk was full of.
I had to make one little purse,

just to use a bit of the fabric.
So many projects in that pile...
I think that she and her friends are
enabling the hoarder in me.

All these zippers also.

I did finish this scarf in the past few days.

But, I started this.
A baby afghan
for a friend's first grandchild.

Still working on these.
Tomorrow may be the
Bigger Than a Volkswagen
Project Announcement.

And another of these.

Orange Camo this time.

That's it folks!
Lovin' the spring weather!
Lovin' the time change!
Lovin' not having the fireplace mess!
Logan - 37 Robins
Grandma Shirley - 12 Robins
Maybe she should concentrate on robins and not adding to my hoard?


SweetPepperRose said…
Your sweet Mama brought you all that fabric? wow!, and what are Mom's for? Love!
Crafts By Jodi said…
Cathy, I love the little purse!! So cute! Can't wait for the big announcement!
Have a great day!
Too sweet of your mom...she's thinking of you all the time and imagine what you can make from those samples...well, little purses I guess and yours turned out adorable. I like the print of this one.
What a pretty afghan the one is going to be for the new baby - love the fresh colors in it.
Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥
Oh my! That's alot of fabric! I Love the little purse you made.
My son walked in when I was reading your Blog and seen the painted skull...His reply was "Sweet...Why can't you paint something cool like that? So you have the thumbs up from my son Trevor! Can't wait for the Big announcement...
Enjoy your Thursday Cathy!
We are at 6 Robins here!!!1
Sheila said…
Wow Cathy,
she really wants you to keep busy!
Have fun creating!
frontporchprims said…
Oh no, not more skulls!!! You are too nice to do them. For what it's worth, the painint is beautiful:) I love sample books. How fun, and the millions of projects you can do. -Steph-
TheCrankyCrow said…
You are your mother's daughter, aren't you??? ;o) Love the little purselets....And, hey - at least you USE your mean stash...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
jennifer768 said…
How sweet of your mom!Love the little purse.Hugs,Jen
Such a sweet Mom to think of you like that. Hope you gave her a big hug!!! Love the little purse you made!!!
Your as bad as me with all the projects going at one time. Can't wait to see all your wonderful finishes.
Love that scarf!!!
Prim Blessings
Laurie said…
My sister worked in a furniture store, and she'd get all the fabric samples when they'd throw them out. She has boxes! We're making boho bags with some of the pieces, but so many more projects to be had!! Enjoy the hoard Cathy!