How to go from Christmas to Easter.. one step.
This is not a tutorial anyone is going to want to follow.
You see, it is spring and I still had these Christmas lights up.
No excuse for it.
The weather has been beautiful.
I guess I was just being lazy.

You see, I sprayed these twigs white
and put them in my planters out front
and strung lights in them
one snowy
December day.
I thought they look cool.
And then
I didn't take them down.
This morning,
I walked out to get rid of them and this is what I found.
They are growing!

Racking my sleep-deprived brain,
I tried to remember where I cut them from.

You see, I have this lilac bush that never blooms.
It gets tons of leaves,
but never a flower.
So I thought,
"Why not sacrifice it for Christmas decorations."
And now..
I have new lilac starts to plant somewhere else!

I could get all philosophical and spiritual about that...
new birth,
new life,
but really,
Who would have thought
spray painted,
dead branches
left cut all winter
would grow?
It has all the makings of a sermon.

And I would try that..
but right now,
I just need
more coffee,
a shower
head to work.

What a nice surprise this morning!


Wow, Cathy, that has to be a first! You'll probably have a lot of explaining to do with your white lilac tree branches, until the paint wears off!
Love this post...I too thought of it being a 'sign'....but then again it is LENT you could read many things into this...I think it is a GOOD SIGN...there is life after death. (now that was not meant to be sarcastic or a put on...I meant it.)
Thanks for the post.

Now get those Christmas lights off!!! Or change them to pastels and put some eggs on the branches - how cute would that be.
Denise said…
Think you might want to leave those lights alone. Who says you can't have lights up all year?
Lilacs, like you said, what a beautiful surprise around Easter time :)
TheCrankyCrow said…
Wow....that is really AMAZING! I LOVE lilacs - and for every 4 bushes I plant, perhaps one lives. Maybe I should think about desecrating the bushes first? ;o) Those will be some special bushes if they take off....And what, exactly, is wrong with having Christmas lights up in March??? Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin
Balisha said…
Hi Cathy...I think that Karen's idea is great. I left a small Christmas tree up and it's covered with hanging eggs. Anxious to hear what you do.
frontporchprims said…
You are going to make alot of money with this new discovery. You know how to bring plants back to life:)
Have a great evening. -Steph-
Catherine said…
That is amazing!! You'll have to post more pics as they grow!
Lesley said…
ROFL Cathy.
You aren't the only one putting winter/Christmas away, today I took down and put away some snowmen items and the ornies everyone sent with our swap.
With 80 degree weather here, time to put the spring and summer stuff out. I still think we might get a freak snow.....
Take care and wonder where that painted lilac will end up.
Les ♥
Who would of thought!!!
It would only happen to you!LOL
Now maybe the lilacs will bloom!!!
I still don't have my Christmas trees off the porch. Hope that makes you feel better!
Prim Blessings

God works in mysterious ways ..his wonders to perform..

Let there be light !

And lilacs !

Blessings to you !

girlfriend...I've learned the secret to blooming lilacs over the years...gotta fertilize twice a year-fall and spring...with 10-10-10 or 10-20-10...just sprinkle a bit around the base of your bushes/trees...never use miracle grow on them~you'll never have blooms. I now have beautiful lilacs all over my yard. I'll be posting pics soon.
take care,
Good Morning Cathy! What a wonderful post. I like Karen's idea, putting in pastel lights and hanging up some eggs! Enjoy your weekend Cathy!!
Angie Berry said…
Wow, that's crazy and funny all at the same time, lol!