Springtime Butterflies

A little glimpse into how my mind works.
It can be a scary place.
I am sure most of you are the same way,
so you should understand.
Time and Day;
9:30 Saturday morning.
Church Kitchen
Making coffee for Ladies Bible Study

The first pot of coffee does not work. Honestly, I make coffee every day, but something about the coffee pot, the water..whatever, it does not work and it takes FOREVER to make it so while I am waiting for the second pot, I look over and see these crocheted butterflies on the refrigerator.
In the trance of staring and thinking of what all I am going to do with my day later.
Bad Habit,
I know,
I had a sick husband,
I had to get groceries,
meet with a customer,
make some deliveries,
print a shirt for a customer,
do a little cleaning,
other misc. odds and ends,
all before the boys arrived for a sleepover.
back to the butterflies.
Everything goes out of my head and I think....
Wouldn't those be cute crocheted out of pearl cotton,
I haven't crocheted anything in so long,
they would be cute on hair barrettes,
pinned to a pillow
on a flower pot
I need to try some of those,
I have pearl cotton somewhere
and I have a little crochet hook
and oh yeah,
how about some little beads for the body and head,
wonder where I put that gold wire?


The coffee is ready and it is time for Bible Study,
clear out everything else!
 At any rate, it was Sunday until I could try any of these.
Not really sure what I am going to do with them,
but they are fun to make.
Google crocheted butterflies if you want a pattern,
I can't find the pattern that I used.
I can tell you that I used a #7 steel hook.

One more rolling bunny painting.
JWS thinks it is a little weird.
Maybe it is.

I added some items to the giveaway.
Hop on over to the sidebar and click on the link and sign up.
When I get to 50 sign-ups, I am going to add a second prize.
Almost there! 


Sheila said…
Cathy, I sure love reading your blog! Your mind works alot like mine. (scarey, I just admitted that!) I think we all do the same thing though.
The butterflies are sweet and would look really cute in a little girls hair!
I made one, mind you ONE of the bunnies last night and when I showed my hub what I was making he gave me a funny look and asked me what it was supposed to be! Men!
Hope you have a great day.
Carol said…
Don't all creative minds do the bunny hop? LOL
I love these butterflies and I know I have a pattern for some somewhere but have never seen the bead/wire bodies and simply love them. I have to try some...can I possibly squeeze it in yet this week?
I just love your blog. You are inspiring. Thanks for sharing!
Laurie said…
You're too funny Cathy, but I love those butterflies! I'm going to find a pattern.
Linda Cardella said…
I don't think the bunny is weird at all! Very cute, very prim, and you did an excellent job on it!
Your toooo funny, and that's why I read your blog!!!!

Love the butterflies.

Rosa said…
Did you ever find the pattern for these butterflies, they are adorable!!
Rosa said…
These are adorable. Did you ever find the pattern? I want to stitch them now!LO!!