Falling Down

Yesterday was my day with Kendall.
I picked her up and had to stop at our church for something on the way home.
It is in the middle of nowhere.
No cell phone service, no close neighbors.
I had this thought. 
What if I fell on all this ice,
with Kendall,
and no one around? 

I was so careful.
Later in the day...
I left the shop with Kendall in arms and banking and mail
to go the post office and bank.
I fell.
Legs out from under me, smack down on the tailbone,
Kendall cried. 
Wallowing around on the ice,
I checked her.
Scared, not hurt.
Her, that is.
Me, on the other hand.
Instant headache, nauseated and dizzy.
It was a good hit.
JWS, on the phone, in the office, missed it.
I went back to the shop to check my wounds.
He told me about his fall and showed me his elbow.
I might or might not have said something bad to him.
In my dizzy, sick, pained state, I could not be held accountable.

Thankfully, I think a quick trip to the chiropractor might have fixed things. 
I guess I'll know later today when I can or cannot move!

Finished this penny rug last night. 
Love these little instant gratification items!
No chance to get bored with it and throw it down.
 And this one also.
Great for coasters.
 And speaking of coasters.
I found these at the hairdressers a couple of weeks ago.
He was selling them for the personal care home in town.
I was just commenting the other day that I hoped that my grandchildren would soon be old enough to make these.
I think I added...or able to sit still long enough to make them.
I am not holding out a lot of hope for the oldest two.

Dug out some scrapbooking stuff and made these boxes yesterday.
It was fun to play with paper and glue for a change.


Patti said…
I KNOW about falling on ice, please make sure you are o.k.
Oh man, nothing hurts like falling, especially on the tailbone. Hopefully the chiropractor did the trick.
Love the penny rugs.
Have a good day and take good care of yourself!!8-)
ChRiS said…
consider yourself lucky.....4 yrs ago 2/14 we had a ice storm when i left the house was iffy but not slick when i got home i seen stars and felt pain i had fallen in driveway and could not move...i had broke my hip...i have never ever felt pain like that, and never wanna again
Connie said…
Oh I've done that too and it hurts! My mom fell off a chair using it to reach for something on top of her hutch and landed right on her tail bone and broke it! It was bad! So glad you're OK. Love the new boxes and penny rugs you made!
acorn hollow said…
ouch! I hate to fall. I hope your feeling better. Love your penny mats. I haven't done a penny rug in a while.
Sheila said…
Sure hope you have a better day today Cathy. Your little creations are wonderful by the way!
Take care,
Debbie said…
Your story was hauntingly familiar to when I was 8 months pregnant with my second son. I too was at the post office, carrying my two year old when I slipped down the wet steps. I was sore with a big bruise across my backside, and Jared was okay but was so scared for the baby I was carrying. Thankfully he okay when he finally got here a month later. Hope your feeling better today!

Debbie K
Dianntha said…
It happens so fast. I do hope you are well today. I am so ready for this ice to be gone. Our driveway and parking areas are so slick. Blessings, dianntha
oh gosh, I hope you are ok. Thank goodness Kendall is ok. Take it easy today
SANDI said…
I hope you are okay!
Love your new creations.
I am so sorry to hear about your fall! Your little boxes are adorable! I love the "Hope, Dream, and Wish"
Oh no! I really hope you're ok!!!

Love the Penny Rugs!

Carmen and the Primcats
redesigngal said…
I am so sorry about your fall. I think you did well being able to get up, but you had Kendall with you and broken bones or not, you protected her. I hope you got to a Dr. soon as the dizziness isn't good. Keep well, and for the meantime, maybe stay inside for a while. Rest is important after a fall. (Read Blogs; that will be fun!
Catherine said…
Ouch! I hope you are doing okay!
Prairie Patch said…
I've fallen on ice more times than I care to remember. It literally jars your whole body. I hope you're better now. Did the chiro fix you up, or was that just temporary?

I've been working on prettying up boxes, too. Just used fabric and paint, but I think I'll get out some of my scrapbooking stuff cuz yours look awesome. (Though do I detect some of your painting talents in there?)