An order and some more painting.

First of all,
if you have not been to the
you need to run (or click) right over there.
The link is on my sidebar or
Click on the title above.

I am honored to have my items for sale with this wonderful
group of artisans and artists.
I was so surprised to see my penny rug from my selling blog right up on top there.

Below is a board that I painted for a customer. 
Fun to do and I even had stripes of gold leafing on the edges,
but with limited photography skills,
I missed them in the photo.

 And another lazy susan.
 And some chickens.
And now for the story part of the post.
I guess that I didn't even think of how silly this sounded
until my friend Molly was giggling away at it.

Chickens led me to this story,
Healthy Eating was what led me to tell Molly.
We were having lunch on Sunday with friends,
talking about eating healthy when I casually mentioned,
"We are trading chickens for the fencing that is left over from the house next door."
Barter system.
So much works on the barter system and I love doing that.
I guess that it sounded silly. 
I had another friend stop at the shop last week and ask if we have fencing left over from what we took down on the house next door. 
He needed it for the chickens that he was getting this spring.
"How much did we want for it?"
My answer.
"How about some chickens?"
I made sure that he understood that I did not want LIVE chickens,
that I wanted deceased, cleaned, ready for the freezer, chickens.
Another done deal! 


Eileen Bergen said…
Congratulations on being picked up on the Sunburnt Cow blog, Cathy!

I love the new background on your blog. Are we ready for spring or what?
Sheila said…
Good for you! Love the Barter system.
Prairie Patch said…
Oh, I love bartering too! Just wish more people around here did it. Maybe I can barter with you some day, though I don't make pretty things like you do. (And no, I don't have any chickens, just a chickenless chicken coop - hehe)!