Snow Friends, Sore Legs and a Spanish Woman in our Bedroom

I bet that you are really wondering about that title.
Well, hang on, you have to hear some other stories first.
The boys were at work,
they were restless,
they wanted to play in the snow.
Always ready to take off work early,
I volunteered of course!
Don't they look cute with their snowmen we built?

And a pic of the three snowmen builders together.

 And one picture of us trying to roll the biggest snowball ever!
Well, at least I was trying to roll the biggest snowball ever.
That is Logan laying on the ground making one of the 35 or so snow angels that he made
and Tyler forming yet another snowball to pound me with.

But before all that...
We went sled riding.
Up and down this huge hill over and over.
Pulling tired little boys UP the hill on the sled. 
The best moment of the day. 
Walking back up the hill, holding my hand, Logan says.
"This time all three kids ride."
I ask who the three kids are?
He responds, 
"Gramma, Tyler and Logan!"
Now I have been going to the gym off and on since the beginning of the year.
Lately more off than on.
When I started,
JWS and his buddy Bill,
both seasoned gym rats,
Hans and Franz
(of SNL, "we are going to pump you up" if you are old enough to remember)
kept showing me how the machines worked.
Let's just say that their targeted areas of exercise were not the same as mine
they had a hard time understanding that
I put is bluntly and told them that they needed work
ABOVE the Belly Button,
I need work
BELOW the Belly Button.
they loaded the weights on the leg pushes,
on the squat machines
on whatever they could find.
Lots of weights and....
Nothing they showed me even made my legs sore.
180 pounds of weight on the leg press and
Sled riding with two little boys on Wednesday.
I sure had sore legs on Thursday...and still do!
Let's see
Gym Membership
Orange Plastic Sled
Time spent to be never forgotten.

And of course,
Some more bunnies.
I tried a larger one,
actually I have an order for a larger one,
this one was for Shelby's birthday.
I just noticed that I forgot the tail.
 And a few more butterflies. 
I found this glittery yarn and had to try a couple with that.
Are you getting tired of these yet?
'cause I am not.
 I finally figured out how to load pics off of my camera to the computer with the cord.
Oh, who am I kidding?
I actually just found the cord!
It might or might not have gotten lost when we went to Hershey and just showed up in the laptop case.
I thought it was gone for good.
This is a pic of Gracelyn from our shopping trip a week ago.
She is such a little diva and is such a great shopper!
 And Kendall was fascinated with the boys snowmen yesterday.
More snow today, so maybe they will get some more friends!
If there is anything good about these end of winter snows,
it is that they are sure good packing snow, 
it warms up enough to not mind being out in it.  
 This picture was also on my camera.
I gave the boys watercolor paints.
How can you make this much mess with WATERCOLORS?
And now...
If you are still with me
still anxiously awaiting to hear about the
Spanish Woman in our Bedroom.

Here it is.
As I was sitting dozing in the recliner at about 10:30 last night,
I mustered up the strength to get up and hobble, yes HOBBLE
to the bedroom.
(Refer back to the sled riding to explain the HOBBLE.)
JWS is engrossed in yet another episode of Swamp Men.
I lay down and start to doze.
And I hear him.
He is coming to bed also. 
Instead of coming in quietly, calmly,
He pounds in,
Laundry basket in hand and with one movement, sets the laundry basket on the bed
and hits the remote to finish watching Swamp Men in the bedroom.
he does his own laundry and he does get Brownie points for that,
he proceeds to put his laundry away
he watches Swamp Men
and while
I wanted to sleep.
He gets through that and lays down in bed and picks up his cell phone,
I doze back off.
I hear.
I wake with a start and he is talking into his phone.
I doze off.
This time I very nicely say (sarcasm)
one eye open,
"What are you doing?"
To which he responds,
"You are going to love this."
Doze off once again, when I am jolted awake to
Miquela the Spanish woman
repeating his phrase in Spanish.
I hate being woke up when I first lay down.
Really hate it.
I tell him, through clenched teeth,
"Turn the phone down!"
And he keeps it up.
Phrase after phrase.

Phrase after phrase.

In our eight years of marriage we have been through a lot.
Four Weddings,
Five babies,
Sick family members,
a Kidney Stone,
a Hysterectomy,

I wonder if the marriage is going to survive SMART PHONES!


Ann said…
Cathy, as usual I read your blog and have to chuckle several times. Glad the boys had fun in the snow. We haven't had much packing snow here in NW Ohio. I haven't been to school all week, Monday was a holiday, Tuesday, Thursday and today weather cancellation and our 10 year old was out sick on Wed. Actually he's been sick since last Saturday. You'd think I'd catch up on some of my UFO's - no, I've been playing nurse & short order cook to the sicky. I may have to get him a smart phone so I can hear him order me around in Spanish rather than English - I'm sick of it! Have a great weekend. ~Ann
Sheila said…
Oh, Cathy! I am LMAO!!!!!!! I really shouldn't drink my coffee while reading your blog! I do look forward to it every morning though. You are something! Having fun with those grandbabies are the best and they keep us young.
Your hub sounds like mine-"Swamp Men!" and "Ax Men" are his favs! but the phone OMG, really? When you were trying to sleep! To funny.
Have a good day Chica~
Love, love, love this had me giggling AGAIN! I love coming here the first thing in the morning to get a dose of your stories....they are awesome.
Thanks for sharing such precious moments with us...your kiddies are just adorable and how they love you.

No words for hubby! lol
Just lots more

dee begg said…
Oh my! Boys and their toys! Love the story. And cute pictures of the kiddos! Glad they were able to do what the gym couldn't do for you.

SANDI said…
OMGosh!!! You had me laughing so hard....I Love reading your posts! Seriosly, you are too funny...
Oh the pictures of the kids and the snowmen are too cute!!!
Connie said…
Your grandkids are adorable! Looks like you all had a great time :) I would have confiscated the phone and hid it under my pillow! LOL
too the snow day outing..;) have a great weekend..and I love those bunnys..:)
Balisha said…
Cathy....You are so funny. You always tickle my funnybone...Balisha
Men Sheesh. Can't live with them, can't live without them, against the law to shoot them.
Love all the pics of the kids. Adorable.
Prairie Patch said…
LOL! Cathy, I do so love reading your anecdotes!

Loved your post, too funny! You should contact Mastercard and Apple to tell them your ideas for commercials!! Thanks for sharing Cathy, Deb