Organic Basil

I'll bet you think that this is going to be some great cooking tips.
This is my organic Basil the Bunny.
Wendy at Ravenwood Whimsies offered this challenge.
She provided the pattern for Basil and you made it your own.
If you are interested,
she may still be taking entries.
 This is how he started.
 And this is where he became ORGANIC.
JWS caught me in the pantry grabbing a bag of rice.
I needed some extra weight in the bottom of the bunny.
Rice...the normal item that I go for.
Patiently, he explained this was ORGANIC brown rice,
not your
run of the mill,
Impatiently, I explained that I wanted to get this finished.
Patiently, he tells me that he will go to the Bent and Dent Amish store today and buy me a huge bag of cheap rice.
Impatiently, I walked right past him and took the expensive, organic rice right up to my sewing room and stuffed Basil with it.
Hey, I don't even like rice, that can be my portion.
 Basil, patiently waiting for his bow and carrot on my sewing table.
 And finally he is done. 
Doesn't he look worth a little "good" rice stuffing?


cottageprims said…
Cute and worth the good stuff.Warm Blessings!~Amy
Hi Cathy - Organic Basil is too cute! I sent you an email, but you don't need to respond to it-my question is answered.
FYI Anyone can still join the Bunny Challenge!
Thanks-hope you had fun!
Debbie said…
Organic Basil looks great! I downloaded the pattern but am working on some quilt blocks right now. I hope to do him later. I love challenges like Wendy's!

Hope your have a great weekend!
Debbie K
Well now Cath...isn't he just the cutest! Love your organic basil bunny!! Great job...Those lil' grands may want him? Mine won't be done til the 11th hour!
Sheila said…
You sure had me fooled! ;-)
He turned out so cute.
Eileen Bergen said…
What a great story. Organic Basil the Bunny is adorable.

Plus he would come in handy if there's ever a famine. lol.
Organic Basil turned out great. Looks like he's ready for Easter.
Prim Blessings! Robin
Silvia said…
Organic Basil looks wonderfull!!! Mine will be doen this weekend....have to wait till his Nose gets pulled out of the Attic Beams!!!! lololol
acorn hollow said…
So cute and yummy ha
Grandma Nina said…
Hi Cathy,
So adorable. You did a great job! He's well worth the organic brown rice.
Awww Kathy he's adorable and I think he's stuffed with the perfect rice...he's not a cheap ole butt!

michelle said…
hes adoarable!I hate rice too so good job on standing your ground,lol.have a great weekend.blessings michelle
LibbiesHome said…
Your Organic Basil turned out great! I think the expensive rice actually adds an air of special dignity to Basil... :) I have to get going on mine this weekend.
SANDI said…
I agree. He is adorable and worth the good stuff!