A Commercial for Dyson

they have not asked me to do this commercial,
and just for the record,
I am not getting paid for the endorsement.
that being said,
I so often complain about things that happen that
I need to give due time to GOOD things that happen.
Let me start by saying that I am certainly qualified to compare sweepers.
I have had almost every brand in my thirty something years of adult vacuuming life.
I have also pretty much annihilated every other brand.
At least 15 or so of them that I can count.
To be fair,
I am not careful with a sweeper.
They are pretty much treated like shop vacs at my house.
Two and one half years ago I bought a Dyson.
The Animal.
I don't have animals, but it was the biggest and the best and the most $$$. 
It had better be good.
I cost more than several of the cars I have driven in my life.  
I was sitting in Best Buy on the floor trying to tear it apart when the sales associate approached asking very nicely what I thought I was doing.
"Oh about five or six sweepers ago, I bought one that required both a Phillips and a regular screwdriver to change the belt and now I check them in the store BEFORE I buy them for ease of belt change."
And he says the magic words,
"The belts don't break on these!"
While I am skeptical, JWS is even more so.
He informs the nice salesman that they haven't experienced me yet.
I keep spare belts on the handle of every sweeper I have ever owned. 
I break them weekly.  
We buy it.
Through returning another item, it turns out to be a cash sale.
(Important fact to the rest of the story)
I never send in the warranty card.
(Another important fact...and a tribute to my disorganization in life.)
Speed ahead to two weeks ago.
I get the sweeper out of the pantry and horror of horrors, the bottom case is cracked!!
I have no idea how it happened.
Of course, JWS makes another of his frequent Rambo comments.
Every time something breaks or I force or push something I hear,
"Hey Rambo, take it easy!'
But really,
Always better on the phone with people,
(nicer, more polite and patient)
JWS calls Best Buy.
Cash sale, they have no record of the sale, they have record of the return of the item that we returned,
but no record of the sale.
JWS calls Dyson.
Serial number in hand, they inform him that the warranty card was not sent in, but somehow they have record of the sweeper being sold and yes, they will fix it.
Take it to your local Sears store with this number and it will be done in a week.
True to their word, last Wednesday I took it to Sears and yesterday I picked it up.
No charge.

What a great company!
What a great sweeper!
I am a Dyson Fan for life!!!!!

I am listing some of these bunnies on my selling blog this morning.
If you are interested, click on the pic on the sidebar.
Shipping should be minimal on these as they are very lightweight.

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Joanie said…
I Heart my Dyson! Best vacuum on the market especially if you've got pets or kids, or both!
dee begg said…
Nice to hear that a company stands behind their product these days. When my vacuum goes, I'll have a look at the Dyson's.