Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Converging of Seasons

Doesn't this look pretty?
Then you see the rest of the table.

The tree is up.
but I found this below in a corner.

And the worst one?

These giant pumpkins in the winter looking snow!

Do your holidays collide? 
Mine always seem to.
I still have snowmen up for Valentine's Day.
Who am I kidding,
sometimes I pack them away
and put out the bunnies.
And in October,
I found eggs
that needed packed away
I could put out the pumpkins.

Thank goodness we drink a lot of coffee.
The boxes are perfect.
Debbie, Jennifer, Laurie
and Sandi
your packages will be mailed today!


Cami Selene L. said...

qué bonito árbol de Navidad!!
saludos!!,desde Argentina.

Laurie said...

For me, Christmas collides with Valentines Day, which collides with Easter! I guess I just love to decorate, but disassembling is another story!! Can't wait for my package!!!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Thanks Cathy! I can't wait for my package! I sold over a dozen pockets already and I have orders for more. I am out. All my Holidays run together. My 11 yr. old pointed out that I still have a few things up that say SPRING! I told him I was getting a head start for next year. Enjoy your day!