Blue Jean Mania

Well, I cleaned the sewing room.
it was no small task.
The hoarder in me found
no less than
40 pairs of blue jeans.
That's right, folks...
you heard it...
Time for an intervention,

You really aren't a hoarder if you do something with them.
I keep telling everyone around me that.
So, I did.
I cut

and cut some more.
This was the almost gone pile.
And finally
I had them all cut.

Nice circles..

All ready for a blanket.

Anyone need any pockets? 
I have tons and I don't do anything with those.
I would gladly drop those in the mail to anyone that could use them!

I am stepping out of the house.
In my agoraphobic
deer camp state,
I have not stepped off the property
since Thursday.
Oh, how I could be a hermit...
A hermit hoarder,
How I identify with those people!
They say admitting it is the first step!


Laurie said…
OK,Cathy, yes it's official you are a hoarder! I have to admit, I'm one also. I'm just afraid of what awaits me in my craft room when I start opening bins and drawers!
But hey! I could use pockets! And as hard as I've looked, I can't figure out the circle quilt. How did you do that!?
Sheila said…
Well Cathy, all I can say is you are moving in the right direction. Going through your "hoarders" pile of goods and making something awesome from it all!
I could easily be a hermit/hoarder myself.
Working on your pretties today.
Have a great week~
Balisha said…
I used to make little posy pockets out of the jean's pockets. I clued some caliso then dried flowers and a little bunny in them and used some denim to make a thick string handle. I sold them at my craft show. They are very cute and sold like hot cakes. They can be hung on cabinets, door knobs etc.I made them for all holidays.
Hello Cathy! I will take the pockets if you still have them. If you go to my Blog and read Thrifty finds part 2,,, I took the pockets from my boys jeans and painted snowmen on them!!
I Love your denim quilt! So Beautiful! I fit right into the hoarder part, lol!
Have a wonderful day!
Tam said…
Wow I cant believe you don,t use the pockets, that the first thing I use, I usually paint a sheep or crow on them attach rusty wire and dada primitive ornament. Very similiar to whats on the primitive skates blogspot. Any extras I would love also
jennifer768 said…
Cathy wow that was a big pile of jeans! Love what you are doing with them though,so I guess you are not to much of a hoarder as you are putting them to good use.LOL! Hugs,Jen
SweetPepperRose said…
Cathy, love this! I'm still wanting to do one in the khaki colors.