An Indelicate Subject

OK, folks,
today we are taking a break from the usual
craft/family dribble that I normally
drone on and on about.
We are going to approach
the indelicate subject of...
wait for it....

Bathroom Odors.
How did I get to 54 and not know this?

Recently at work,
we were discussing this indelicate subject.
At the risk
family dissension
we are not going to
mention the individual
prompted this discussion.
is the key here.

I have tried this..
but all it did was make the smell
tinted with
coconut verbena lime
or whatever other smell I might have had.
I have tried
and matches
and even the very expensive
available at fine retailers
gift shops.

My friend and co-worker
their use of shaving cream
to eliminate
bathroom odors.
Simply squirt the shaving cream
in the commode
prior to the "event'
and there will be no smell!

Let me tell you folks,
JWS and I went on a shaving cream spree.
Barbisol is cheap,
Dollar General's version
even cheaper!

And today,
it is on a test basis throughout all the bathrooms
in our house
at work
another bathroom
not to be named,
but the true testing ground.

So far,
we are pleased with the results.

And the unsightly
shaving cream cans
will soon be crafted to match the bathroom decors.
Watch for it!

Did anyone else know this?


acorn hollow said…
I can't say I have ever heard of this so what you are telling me is you will be carring shaving cream in your hand bag from now on??
Danice said…
Wow, I did not know this.'Love the humor in your post. Believe me, yours is not the only family that needs a can of shaving cream, lol! Striking a match really does not work. Plus, with some of the smells in some bathrooms, I'd nearly be afraid fire would cause an explosion, lol! Thank you for such an informative and humorous post :)
Hello Cathy! I did not know this! Thanks for the tip!! I must try. Living with 4 men/boys, I too have the Bathroom odors, Lol! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Chanda said…
Will give it a try. Or I should say he will give it a try. lol Are you on facebook, I miss you, I am on there all the time now and would love to connect with you there if so, please let me know ad Ill private message you with info to fid each other. Chanda
Didn't know that about shave cream. However, I do know that eucalyptus essential oil works too. A drop or two in the commode. It's probably more expensive than shave cream, depending on how much shave cream you use I guess, but essential oils are natural and not filled with chemicals. I'm a natural kinda gal. :) I keep eucalyptus E.O. around for sickness, but don't use it in the toilet. lol. Our small bathroom's fan works well enough. Though I WISH it had a window!!
Laurie said…
There is a culprit in our house also, and he,no that person uses the bathroom next time, he, oops, that person, is going to be instructed. I'll let you know if it works, usually it's open the window for an hour. Hopefully this will be better on our gas bill!!
LOL, too funny, you are the only person I know who would tackle this particular 'subject', way to go girl! I have never heard of this particular odoriferous solution and as there is a culprit lurking in this house as well I will have to try it out. Let us know your design solution to the can dilemma (pun intended ;O) Deb
Debbie said…
OMGoodness, my hubby (oops) will have to try this!!! I love your humor on this stinky (did I say that?) subject..

God Bless~
Oh my gosh...too funny !!! My gang will get a good laugh out of this and of course, we will be trying it for sure. Cant wait to see your prim treatment for the shaving cream cans...thats a MUST SEE
jennifer768 said…
Oh my goodness I am grinning from ear to ear!Sure did not know this but you can bet a certain person will be trying it.LOL!Hugs,Jen