Crafting with the girls

The idea was for them to make some of their Christmas presents.
And it worked...

with some help from Grandma.
First I had to bleach these trees,
because even in my
"let them try it" world,
anyone under 10
is not a good mixture.
Well really,
I have had more than a few bleach disasters
from ten to 54,
but we aren't going there today.
Off to a YouTube video
you can learn anything on YouTube.
That precious woman
in her organized
perfect craft room
dipping one tree at a time
in a vintage glass
holding her
bleach mixture...
Yeah right.
Fill up the sink,
glug, glug some bleach into it,
and toss in the trees.
In true crafter ADD,
I poured myself a cup of coffee,
wiped off the counter
and turned around.....

and they were bleached.
That over-organized crafter
on YouTube was doing a lot of dipping and waiting.
But then, she measured.
A quick rinse,
and let them dry.
Wash the jars

that people so willingly donated.

And the girls arrived.
We dyed them with kool-aid.
Really, I think this was their favorite part.

Next to dumping the glitter in the jars.
(I will be vacuuming that stuff up until Easter at least)
(Did I mention that the Dyson is in the shop AGAIN?)

A little help from Grandma with the glue gun...
and they are done!

An overnight
a couple of movies,
pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast
I think we have a new deer camp tradition!

Ok, I still am planning on having the older boys over to make these also.

Wait for that post,
I am sure it won't be as organized.
I think I will put that off until the Dyson comes home.

One of today's projects is to

make this centerpiece.
Mom brought me some of her vintage ornaments,
I thought that the greenery would bleach like the bottle trees,
but it did not.
Plan B
Not sure what that is...
still formulating that one.

Just had to include this picture of Garren.
He looks so big now that he has a big boy haircut!


Cami Selene L. said…
qué bonitos trabajos de Navidad!!!
saludos,desde Argentina
Looks like a fun time was had by all!
Love how the craft project turned out! The girls are adorable!! Enjoy your Sunday!!
Laurie said…
Aren't those the cutest!? I mean the jars and the kids! What a fun idea. I love the big boy hair cut!
acorn hollow said…
what a fun project.
How did Garren get soooo big???
Love those jars!!!! You always get the best ideas!!! I think I can round up one jar!!!! hahahahaha
Oh my goodness...I think I have found a kindred spirit ! I always feel so inadequate when I see those perfect craft rooms, all labeled and organized but oh the joy to find someone else who crafts like I do....I love the fact that you just poured in the bleach and got a cup of coffee !!! Yeah...oh and I love how the little trees turned out and waht adorable little helpers too !