LInens and Lace

These aprons were a yard sale find.
I finally managed to remember to buy some spray starch
press them all neatly.
Well, as neatly as I press anyway. 
Niagara Spray Starch,
wow, the memories that smell brings back!
My Mom should have bought stock in that company!

they are finally all listed in my Etsy shop
if anyone is interested!
Thanks everyone for stopping by there!

And some lace.
I happen to have a lot of this.
Auctions, flea markets and yard sales. 
I cannot let a box of handwork go by.
I think of how much work has gone into that and it is being sold
Needless to say, I have drawers full of the stuff.
These, I pulled out for my camper.
speaking of that....
wait for it....
My camper was the feature of the week on
I was so excited!
If you go to the website and scroll down to
Feature of the Week.
There I am! 
How cool is that?

and because I have procrastinated long enough here at the computer
need to chain myself back to the sewing machine
until I finish those curtains,
don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!
Scroll down a couple of posts and there it is!
I will be drawing a winner on Sunday!


Karen said…
Oh those aprons are adorable...I see them on ladies doing a 'tea' or a party - so prim and proper.
I went to the 'feature of the week' on the link and saw your trailer restor....beautiful Cathy!!!

I love pretty aprons! I'll take a look at your shop! Sweet hugs!
Love those aprons, but I never wear/wore one!!! And the mother made those!!! your lace hoard, do you have 1" red lace??? Let me know.
Sheila said…
Lovely dainty and pretty! I enjoyed the pictures of your camper re-do, when will it be taking it's maiden voyage?
Have a great day!
Amy said…
Aprons + spray starch + doiley's !
Oh my so many memories of Mom and Grandma,
acorn hollow said…
such cute aprons I wear a full apron every night while cooking dinner.