Recuperation Projects.

Well, this has been way harder than I thought it would be. I guess I didn't plan on how difficult it would actually be for me to lose so much independence! Another thing that I did not realize is the energy and athleticism and grace that it would take to do simple tasks like....go to the bathroom, put on a pair of pants or get a drink of water! Muscles hurt that I never even knew I had!
Mentally, I spent a few days actually feeling sorry for myself and well just generally not being a very nice or fun person. At one point, I actually started contemplating inflicting mortal harm on JWS for several reasons, not the least of which included not flushing the commode or carrying the dirty dish towels to the basement.
I think I am coming around. Coming to grips with the fact that I might not be the most pleasant or obedient patient and owning it has helped a lot.
All that being said, the I Spy quilt is in the frame, the VBS houses are ready, and I have several scarves, a ton of yoyo's , quite a few wool projects and some painting done.
We are not going to discuss what isn't done. I need to just chant that last statement!


Sylvia said…
God Bless you Cathy! Two days with Strep Throat was only manageable watching Downton Abbey
Love the scarf!!!! Hope things are getting better as the days go by!!! But look at all the UFO's your finishing!!!!
Karen said…
Goodness I didn't realize I had been missing for the last 3 posts! Sorry kiddo.

I pray you heal fast - I do know the same'm not a good patient either - thank goodness my husband understands that and goes with the

Lots of projects in store for you...oh those VBS houses are just too cute!!!

Sheila said…
Just remember, "this to shall pass" though I know that's easier said than done as I'd make the worst impatient patient there ever was......therefore working my way to the padded cell quicker than I could blink!
Hang in there girl ;-)
Ann said…
The next time I start thinking that it would be nice to be laid up a bit and not have to go to work, I'll remember this post.
Hoping for a SPEEDY RECOVERY... I am NOT a good patient. Hang in there!
Amy Dayton said…
The older I get the more behind I get,that includes the butt too !
So sorry you had to have surgery but good to know you are on the mend.
Broke my ankle years ago so know the the process of being a bit helpless.
Will most likely have knee replacement (both ) this fall.
Hope you continue to mend quickly.
Big Hugs
Love your new projects.
Hope you heal fast.
Take Care!

Hang in there you'll make it. Love your owl painting on your last post.