Monday, May 8, 2017

No More Happy Meals!

Saturday night and the boys and I headed 
Pittsburgh Mills.  

I wanted them to try zip-lining. 
They were hesitant. 
So we settled on bungee jumping.

on the way, 
since we were running a little late, 
we drove through McDonald's.
Tyler, bordering quickly on 12, has apparently
passed by the whole happy meal thing
two double cheeseburgers and a Diet Coke. 
(Gramma refused to kill his brain cells with a Diet Coke)
Logan is struggling. 

"A 20 piece Chicken Nugget,
No wait... there is a Mario Toy
I want a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal 
10 piece Nuggets" 

So I order. 
The girl wants to know what he wants to drink with that Happy Meal. 
I ask him and he replies,
"I think I'll have a French Vanilla Latte!"

I calmly reply that Lattes are not on the Happy Meal menu.

We finally decide on a Sprite 
and as we drive away
I inform him
that perhaps his days of Happy Meals are over.  

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