An afternoon of surprises!

I had just settled into my recliner for my afternoon recuperation time. (I actually went to work for the morning yesterday) when I heard this awful, nightmarish noise. Now for all of you bird lovers....good for you, I am not a big fan of birds, bats, large fluttery moths, or the worst...the dreaded HUMMINGBIRD! Most people think that is weird and I am sure that it has some deep rooted issue in my childhood, but whatever it is, I strongly dislike the above mentioned members of nature! Please don't think less of me...I have had my moments that I have been sympathetic to these creatures and allowed them to coexist in my environment. Last year I had a mourning dove nest on my porch in a ladder that I have there and I "allowed" her to stay, however any fluttery creature who dares to invade my inside space is sure to meet an untimely demise. Sorry, they crossed the line, if they are outside where they belong, I will be a pacifist and let them live. So now that we have that hang-up in mind..the noise....As I settled into my recliner, shaky and tired, I heard the noise and realized that there was a BIRD in the fireplace not 10 feet from my place of rest. I hobbled to the kitchen, grabbed the phone and called my husband home from work in terrified, hushed tones that the worst had happened and that there was a pteradactyl, eagle, or falcon in the fireplace and then shut myself in the downstairs bathroom with my lunch and proceeded to sit on the floor and eat it. Dear Hubby left work, and came to the rescue. Now work is only about a half mile away but a bird in the house would not matter if he was flying the president on Air Force One...he would have had to come home. When he rescued me from the bathroom he sarcastically mentioned that he was glad that this at least did not affect my appetite and when he mentioned that he allowed the bird to live I questioned the mental process of a man that can kill Bambi, minding his or her own business in his or her own environment and when some wild ferocious animal encroaches our living space, you allow it to live? Anyone with me on this? Probably not.

Well anyway on to the second surprise, hubby left, I settled back in to my recliner for an afternoon of rest and proceeded to drift off when this loud banging happens right at my head. Now with all the trauma and the confusion of a nap interrupted, I am thinking that the bird is back.....when I realized that someone was knocking at the front door, not two feet from my head. I groggily opened the door and there was my mail lady wanting a signature. I am sure she was wondering why I was home in the middle of the day, half asleep and confused. I did not explain the bird but did tell her that I had surgery and was recuperating. To someone like me that is always on the go and busy, it has been like a "get out of jail free" card. I asked her to put the boxes in my living room because I could not (should not) be lifting them. She stacked them and after she left I sort of kicked the one off the top and tried to make it land right side up. It is really amazing how much those core muscles that I no longer have quite intact are used. Anyway I got a knife and opened these up and was AMAZED. My friend, Linda shipped all this yarn to me for the Haitian Ladies. How very generous of her, they came from Quebec so they required a signature and an explanation to the mail lady about where they were going and what for.
The boxes are actually still sitting in my living room and waiting for John to carry them upstairs. Before I make the trip next year I hope to bag yarn in ziploc bags with patterns and hooks and needles for the ladies, but for now I am just filling the closet for them.
I really appreciate all the people that have helped in this undertaking! I am sure that God will bless you for your generosity!


pammyjo said…
I'm not being mean ... I just found your bird adventure so funny, that I about choked on my coffee. Giggle. I think it was the locking yourself in the basement bathroom. LOL Anyway, your post made me laugh out loud ... what a great way to start my day, and I hope your recoop time is less traumatic today. Hug! :0)
Cindy said…
Oh my, Cathy, that is not what I was expecting!! LOL!! I love birds, but they do have a place, and it's not in the fireplace or in the house!!!

And look at all that yarn! If it keeps going, you will have lots of packages!

Keep up the recuperation......

:) Cindy
Tami said…
Awwww...poor birdy!!! Yes, I am a bird lover and if I could pick them all up I would too!! But I do understand how you could not like them....I am not much for bats either!! Glad hubby caught and released. What a wonderful mailed surprise!!

Have a beautiful day!
Meggie said…
I've heard that many folks get crazy about birds. Not easy for some us to understand but you have lots of company. Glad your hubby was able to help out.
Great story. I don't think you said what kind of bird it was but if it were a pteradactyl, eagle, or falcon, I bet the hubby would have wanted it stuffed and proudly displayed in the living room!