Pic of the giveaway and Framed!

Finally I have a pic of the 10oth post giveaway. I will be drawing for this on Sunday so if you have not signed up yet, make sure that you zip on back to my 100th post and sign up for it! Finally also...I have this framed and ready to hang on my next trip to the attic.


pammyjo said…
Your wool piece looks wonderful framed. Awesome work. Another generous give away. Neat items.
I love that wool applique in the frame. Such pretty colors. Very nice work!

Tami said…
Your wool stichery is absolutely gorgeous in that frame.
What wonderful giveaway items!!!

Have a beautiful weekend!
Karen said…
The giveaway items are beautiful...I do believe I signed up but will double check.

Love the framed design....it jumps now that it is in a frame.

The wool piece looks just great framed...love the sheep board that you added to the giveaway. I think I entered but I need to go check too:)
ohiofarmgirl said…
Everything looks wonderful!!
Thanks for your kind words...she was a true gem...she is so very missed. Dianntha