Can anyone relate?...and sit a spell on my porch!

First of all, I hope that someone can relate to this story and I am not the only one that something like this has happened to. Today was my 51st birthday and when I made the gynecologist appointment I thought that it was not a good idea to have to go to the doctor on a birthday. This was my one month check-up from the surgery. I did not expect an internal exam so I was surprised when the nurse told me to undress. Well I had ran home from work and changed and slid into a pair of shoes with no socks...sort of clog like things that I had not had on since last fall. When I took them off in that teeny tiny exam room I suddenly realized that my feet I have this sheet all neatly and demurely wrapped around my body, perched on the table waiting, thinking that I HAVE to do SOMETHING about my feet because when they hit those stirrups, they are going to render the doctor unconscious. So I leap off the table as fast as I can and wrap that sheet around and tuck it in to make a lovely sarong of it and grab paper towels, wet them and pump them full of hand sanitizer and proceed to wipe my feet off hopping on one foot and then the other while the sarong which is a little too tightly wrapped is causing me to trip...what a sight I must have been but luckily I managed to get my feet unsmelly before the doctor came in....this was right up there with the time that I realized that I had two different socks on at the gynecologist...that was the toddler years, sleep deprived, anything was possible. These are pics of my front porch, that chair in the corner is the most comfortable chair EVER!
One of my junk collections

and my favorite place to nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


Tami said…
Giggle...I could just imagine that there are many women out there that this has happened to!

Your front porch is very welcoming!
I would want to take a nap on that swing too!!

Have a gorgeous day!
Happy Birthday! Today is my daughter's birthday too!
Laurie said…
Happy Birthday Cathy! Love the foot story, I would have been terrified someone would come in the door! My luck someone would have. Love the porch, how inviting!
Cindy said…
OH! Happy Birthday yesterday!!

Too funny....but you will always remember what you did on your 51st! hehehe!

and THANK YOU very much for the porch photos!!! I definitely am on the right track!!
Happy Birthday to YOU X !! sounds like all went well ...yes i can relate to unexpected Doctor visits !! Be Blessed and Lotsalove Kieren x x x
Holly said…
Happy Birthday! I didn't know! I hope your day got better - after the dr. apt! LOL! Enjoy your weekend with your friends!

Your porch looks great! Very cozy!
ohiofarmgirl said…
How funny...cant say I have tryed that but...Happy Birhtday!
I adore your porch and would love to join you...your napping spot looks so inviting. Enjoy. Dianntha
Meggie said…
Belated birthday wishes, Cathy! I was LOL about the foot story...very funny! I've never done that but have had my share of stupid encounters. Did you know that the hidden camera caught your feet washing on video? It airs on TV next week.
Bren said…
Happy Belated Birthday!!! Your Dr. story is funny and I can relate in a similar way, lol. That porch is so inviting, we should sit and visit awile, giggle.
Hugs, Bren
Balisha said…
Hi, I came here from Lynn's blog. My first visit and how funny. If the doctors only knew what goes on in their exam rooms....while we are waiting. Sometimes I they have hidden cameras in here? Still funny!
luv2teek said…
Happy Belated Birthday!

Great story and love the porch...I've noticed the cubby while driving by and love it!!
Kim said…
Well happy belated birthday, Cathy! Oh my I LOVE your porch!!! Enjoy it! Looks so inviting!