What is this? and Comedy of a 3 year old

Does anyone know? It was full of the knitting needles and crochet hooks in the next picture and I bought everything for $2 at a yard sale yesterday. This is the mystery though. It has a little spout under the handle. I managed to make it to a yard sale yesterday and got some great finds BUT had to have John go back to it and load everything since I am still not allowed to lift anything. Everything is still in the back of the pick-up and I did not want to ask him to get it out last night. He came home from work, fixed supper and then went out and cleaned out flower beds that he knew were bugging me, raked and cleaned out around perennials. What a guy!
Not a great picture of the needles and hooks but it it was a good find for the price. Most will be going to the Dominican and a couple I am keeping. There is a pair of small circulars and I want to try socks on them.

Finished this little girls purse up. I made one for the Princess for Easter and have one more to make yet.
Yesterday, on my second unintended full day at work, my step-daughter (who works for us) brought our three year old grandson to work with her. Now Tyler spent his entire first 18 months at work with us every day and his brother has spent many days there and so has the Princess. Tyler, however has been there the most and he is really good there....and quite entertaining also. John still could not hear at lunch time yesterday (that has since been resolved at a dr's appt) Somehow Tyler realized that Papa was saying "What?" a lot and thought it was funny, or maybe it was the way that his mother and I rolled our eyes every time he did it, but anyway at lunch Tyler is sitting across the table from Papa and he looks at him very serious and then says a completely nonsensible phrase with a perfectly straight face. "abadoticamal" John looks at him and says "What?" and Jenn and I crack up. Now with the floor and he LOVES when he can make people laugh, he does it again, same process...and again and again. We all calm down and he looks at John perfectly serious and comes off with another phrase and John cannot figure what is going on. It was not until we sat down last night that I explained what Tyler was doing to him. Where does a three year old get that wicked sense of humor? I think I know....his Papa would do the exact same thing!!!
Hopefully I can post pics of my finds tonight or tomorrow but in the meantime here is a link to a friend that made it to the same yard sale...It was a great one!
They are to get out more today. I may have to go back!


luv2teek said…

The mystery item is a hospital irrigation container (such as for enemas)...the hole on one side is for hanging with the outlet spout on the bottom under the handle.

Love the purse--it's adorable!

Sounds like Tyler is a clever little guy--at Papa's expense!

Thanks for the link to my post!

Smiles and sunshine...Bev
Cindy said…
You've got some great finds! I checked out your friend's finds, too...WOW!! I CANNOT wait for a sale, I found 1 yesterday, but it was garbage junk -- I've never really found one that I couldn't rescue 1 thing at least, but I did yesterday!

And oh yay, we're swap partners!! I haven't gotten through all the emails, I had to check out your finds first (been out of town for a couple days)!

Tyler is learning at such a young age!! Watch out Papa!

Happy Friday!
Well I was going to suggest that the enamel cup was some sort of fat separator ... you know, the broth would settle at the bottom with the fat at the top. But now reading that it is a hospital irrigation cup, haha ... I guess it probably wouldn't be good for both uses. ewww, haha!
Glad you found out what that item is. I would have never guessed. Love that cute purse.
Karen said…
What an enjoyable post - love what comes from kids mouths....and how they pick up things so fast!

Great finds and I was going to say it was a medical container for attaching a hose for irrigation...and I guess I was right.
I'm always amazed at how smart they are today...he's just the jokester isn't he like he's pap:)
PS Love the cute purse too!
Laurie said…
Bet you're sorry you asked! I would have though one of those jugs with a spicket for drinks, but yuck! Now that you know, what are you going to use it for!? Not it's original purpose I presume?!
Ann said…
Cathy, Thanks for sharing about Tyler, I just had to laugh, how cute and Smart for him to do that! Enjoy every minute with them. ~Ann
Linda CCC said…
Hi Cathy,
My mother used to have one of those and the brown rubber tube to go with it ... in the days when women thought they needed to douche.
Charmingdesigns said…
That is so funny, I have one of those with the spout...never knew what it was...not so glad that I now know.lol! laurie