A work in progress

This is for my great neice in Georgia that I have not met yet. I have seen lots of pictures and she looks just like my sister. My Mom and Dad are going to meet her for the first time next month and this will be going along with them. Dad built this rocking horse for her and I have been working on it for the last few mornings before I go to work trying to get it finished. Please pretend that you don't see the mess in the background. I have been trying not to move it any more than I have to at this point. It is not terribly heavy but I am sure that it weighs more than the milk carton that is all that I am supposed to lift.
I have high hopes of finishing it this morning. I have to finish this other side yet and the insides of the legs and rocker...which will require lifting it and moving it.....My Mom and Dad are coming here today and tomorrow to help me get this house cleaned and I need to have it finished so that they can take it home with them. I won't be seeing them again before they leave.


Cindy said…
How cute are those!! Lady, you have talent!!!!
amber said…
I love these!! I know Augusta is going to go wild over the horse! It looks so much like the one I had when I was little!!!
Enjoy the day with Yaya and Popow!;)
BurttBunch said…
That horse is super nice! You are very creative!
Enjoy your day cleaning...LOL ANd enjoy the help!
Colleen said…
They are just wonderful! Your niece will love them. You are so talented!
Karen said…
How very precious....you do fantastic work and I know she will love it.
Now, I was getting ready to comment on the post above this one to tell you that your attic room is just as cute as a bug's ear, but then I saw this post with the rocking horse and I thought to myself..."what exactly is she doing to the horse when she says she's "working on" it??" Then I realized that you painted those precious details and colors on it??
That's just amazing! I want that horse for myself ... forget about letting any little kids ride on it ...it's just so darling that I could just look at it forever!
Nice job, you creative little missy!