Things I finished today.

Finished up these penny rugs today, I have had them cut out for quite awhile and had them in various stages of completion. One of these will be in the giveaway listed below. Don't forget to enter! Just post! Also finished this hat for the donation bin...and a couple of dishcloths.
I was able to visit with my little boys for a short while today and that was so nice....they were even gentle! and didn't ask for piggyback rides or to play Dancing with the Stars. Maybe they were warned!


Cindy said…
love the penny rugs!! were these projects on that procrastinator list by any chance?

oh i'm sure the little guys were warned.....or maybe not, sometimes they just know! and they know how to be careful always, they're just having fun with grandma!
Dawn said…
Love the penny rugs. Your stitching is so perfect. You really do a great job! Add my name!Dawn
Tami said…
Gorgeous penny rugs!! Cute hat too love the orange color!!

Have a wonderful night!
Lois said…
What pretty rugs@