Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shouldn't this be getting easier?

These are in the order they happened. 
Garren does not like Kamden, 
hence the gap on the right. 
It's Ok, Kamden doesn't know he is not liked. 
This was also the best picture. 

The photo shoot deteriorated from that point. 
Garren is now glaring at Kamden. 
Kamden is quizzical, 
Wyatt, impatient,
Kendall and Gracelyn, fine. 
Tyler and Logan see the fun in the confrontation. 

Everyone is still kind of OK here,
Wyatt has had enough and Garren is shrinking into Wyatt. 

Everyone on the left is squished. 
Kamden still has lots of room. 

Wyatt is gone,
he has had enough,
the troops are restless. 
Kamden is still happy with life. 

The gap is growing and Tyler is almost over it. 
Kendall is bored. 
Gracelyn, ever the cheerleader
is still good with everything! 

Logan is in pain
Kamden is chillin'.

Kamden decides to join the fun...

Chaos Erupts. 

Time for the Easter Egg Hunt! 

We had our Easter celebration today, what a fun
relaxing day with our family 
the weather co-operated! 


acorn hollow said...

what fun pictures! they will laugh when they see these pictures when they are adults.

Cindi said...

LOL too funny!