Hooter Hiders and The Next Project

Shelby found the pattern online for these nursing bibs. I hope I don't get in any trademark trouble for the name, but that is what they are called. She had seen them ready made and searched for a pattern and found it. If anyone is interested, email me and I will find the link for you. They are simple to make and really seem as though they would be so much more functional than a receiving blanket. There is a set of D-rings to adjust the strap and there was supposed to be boning in between the straps that would hold the material out so that the mother could still look down and see the baby, however I could not find boning at the two fabric stores closest to me and I did not know when I would be getting to the "city" soon. (doesn't that just sound all Little House on the Prairie?)
So, this idea passed through my mind finally. I cut up a Glad container and cut it into a 1/4" strip. It worked perfect! It has the perfect curve to it and stiffness. I must get back to that website and share this brief moment of brilliance with them.

I even have some left if I make any more of them....if I can find it when I am ready to make them...or even remember what I did. I think that I have rapidly detiorating brain cells.

This is the NEXT project. Jenn is redoing a room for the boys to share. We went to get the paint yesterday and ran to the fabric store (commercial on that later) and got this fabric for me to make bedspreads/quilts for the room and for the curtains also. I can see them in my mind, I only hope that I can make them look like that now. The bottom piece of fabric was bought for the balls. I am going to cut them out and machine applique a design on the center of the bedspreads. All this sounds really good in my mind and I was so ready to get started last night, however when I got back to work there was a message that the "picnic tables were ready" I thought for a minute and then I remembered, about a month ago a member of our local fair board was in and asked me about painting these picnic tables for the fair and what I would charge to do it. I quickly gave him a figure and went on with the day and never thought about it again. Yesterday afternoon and stopped at the fairgrounds to look at the tables and right now he has ten of them that needed painted and more to come...the fair is in less than a month!!! That will be a slight derail on some of my other projects!
And now for the commercial.
Claypoole's Fabric in Worthington, PA is a large pole building stuffed with all kinds of fabric. They have quilting fabrics, upholstery fabrics, notions, homespuns, trims, cheater's quilts, you name it. I can't tell you how many years it has been there but the people that own it are so nice and it has the old-fashioned, homey feel to it without "staging" that feeling. It is out in the country and you actually just walk across the lawn to get into it. I love to dig in there and don't get there often enough to suit me. If you live close enough and are reading this, it is worth the trip to go there and look around. They will even push a zucchini or 10 on you when you leave. Email me for directions!


Carol K said…
Hmmmm....Cathy, I am interested in the bib direction site AND directions to Claypoole's. Wow, I guess I will see you with paint brush in hand as I pass the fairgrounds from now until ????
Hooter Hiders...I am still laughing at the name...very clever.
I wish I lived nearby to visit your fabric store...I would love to dig around in there, especially since I have to go into the city to buy fabric too.
I can't wait to see what you do with the picnic tables.
Take care ~Natalie
cwa said…
What a great name for this post. That may be the funniest thing I have seen on the internet in a long time. Thanks for the laugh. I could use it right now.

On the serious side, that sounds like a great project. I wish those had been around when my kids were born. I imagine those would be a huge help for mommy and baby. Thanks for sharing the information.