Description of an accident.

Jennifer and Dianna were in a fender bender in the parking lot of the local Sheetz store yesterday. It was completely the other woman's fault and she was nasty and yelled at Jennifer and Jenn in her kind, shy, nice way said it was Ok and let the woman go. The grill from her vehicle was laying in the parking lot! John is mostly the same way. He will let anyone go, a truck hit him on the motorcycle in a convenience store parking lot as he was sitting on the bike drinking coffee and he told him, "That's alright buddy, I should not have been sitting there."

After she got back and we realized the damage on the vehicle we had this interrogation with Dianna.
John: What kind of vehicle was it?
Di: Jeep
John: What color was the vehicle?
Di: Gray or blue, not sure
John: Did you get a license plate number?
Di: No
John: Did you get a picture of the vehicle with your cell phone:
Di: No
John: Did you know anyone in the Sheetz at the time?
Di: No
John: Did you get the guy's name that put the grill back on the vehicle?
Di: No
John: Is there anything else that you can tell me about this?
Di: Well, she had on this green top that was really ugly and this stupid, green belt with little fringie things hanging off it. She had on black capri pants and these black strappy shoes. Her hair was blond and frizzy, she was about 40 years old and her whole outfit was really ugly.

You have to wonder sometimes! We just laughed.


Ann said…
Cathy, LOL! My sister and I always remember what we were wearing when things happened in the past, can't remember the details of the day, etc, just like Jenn, but we remember what we had on! Must be a girl thing. Have a good day. ~Ann
lisa said…
This happpened to my daughter but it was in the college parking lot and the girl back out into Kim who was going through the parking lot..The girl told Kim it was her fault. My daughter said you got to be kidding!! There was only a blue mark down the side of the dents because it is a Saturn..The good thing is Kim called me and asked me what to do..I told her to exchange information just in case of more damage..My daughter followed her to her apartment because the girl didn't have any information on her...I was more concerned that she followed the person...I told her you NEVER do that again unless someone is with you!! That scared the dickens out of me...more then the accident...Kids are so carefree and don't worry about things like that....I'm glad your kids were alright...and yes that was a great laugh that they noticed the clothes and nothing else...Lisa
Dawn said…
That is so funny, not that she had an accident, but I'm so glad it's just not my teen daughter! Oh what is going through their heads sometimes?? That was cute!
Char said…
that is just too funny!...that would be my daughters kinda description too!...LOL
Laurie said…
I got a great laugh in return! I'm glad I wasn't drinking coffee!! Toooo funny!!
Phillane E'lee said…
I am sorry I had to laugh. That would be my daughter too. But Katie is a girl for details. Poor kid. Live and learn.
Hope you get things worked out.