So many projects, so little time.

Crafter's ADD has kicked in again! When I work on a penny rug, it seems as though I always cut too many pennies. I have been putting them in this box in my sewing room for a couple of years and finally decided to get them out and use them up. I think that I am just going to make pillows out of all of these, sometime this winter when I finally finish them. Oh and of course, while I had all the wool out and laying all over my sewing room, I had to cut a new one out also.
This is the start of the boys bedspreads. This will be the middle of them and then I plan to piece around this. This one needs all the machine applique done on it yet. Imagine my surprise when I ran to Walmart last night for stitch witchery and all the yard goods were gone! I asked one lady where the yard goods were and she had no idea what that was. I translated that to fabric and she said, "Oh we got rid of that stuff" I knew that they were planning that in a lot of Walmarts but I would have thought in an area where they sell fabric to all of the Amish, they would have kept it. I could get on a soapbox here about how Walmart came in and put out all the little craft and fabric shops...but I'll save that for another rant!

Wooden spoons from the flea market and some more strawberries that my Dad carved for me. These just need varnished and strings for the spoon ornaments.

Still working on this rug. It hurts my shoulder to work on it, so I have been pacing myself on that one.

More snowmen.

Still not sure what is going in the middle of this, but I like the border so far.

A canvas with paper and paint. I need some ribbon or something for around the edge of it.

More tags for the I have not FINISHED those yet either. I really need to concentrate on FINISHING!

Planned a quick trip to Walmart last night....QUICK would be the key there! Jenn needed me to stop there to see the paint progress on the room and consult a little. Tyler wanted to "come to your house" as he says it. I told him that I was going to town first and not going home that I had to go to the store. I did not even say the buzz word for him...Walmart! He grabbed my hand and said, "I am going to go with you and I am going to be REALLY hungry and we are going to go to McDonald's and I am going to have a cheeseburger, french fries, a orange juice and a chocolate milkshake...cmon!" How could you not take him? So a trip to Walmart for stitch witchery and to pick up some pictures, turned into adding some Little Debbie's after studying the Little Debbie aisle for 10 minutes to decide. Then he directed me to the sporting goods where we perused every aisle there studying everything from bb's to fishing lures and back to the bb's again. Scary, this obsession with bb's! Next, he directed me to the toy aisles, studying the motorcycles and car aisle three times, carefully touching each one and needing it for his birthday! The next stop was "Now we are going to look at the candy" where we had to buy a bag of candy, then off to McDonald's where horror of horrors, the milkshake machine was broke. I am trying not to think of how much that I thought that I NEEDED to get done last night when after we sit down to eat our food he looks at me with all the seriousness of a three year old and says the words that make me just not care if I get anything done ever again..."I love you, and it's just you and me here"


cwa said…
Your grandson sounds absolutely precious. I think he could probably melt anyone's heart with those sweet words.
Amber said…
I love the flag!

You're such a great grandma! That's great that you took Tyler with you!
You have some great starts on some amazing projects! Yes, our WalMart took out their fabric department too...much to my dismay. We don't have another fabric store here...and what I can figure out is that in Jamestown and Fargo, where there are other fabric stores...those WalMarts have a huge fabric center...whatever...

Your little grandson is a charmer!!
Happy Hump Day ~Natalie
Gayle said…
LOVE your penny rugs!