A few weeks ago at the flea market, I bought these clothespins and in my mind I saw them painted and tied with homespun. I had a nice visit this week from a new friend that I had never met face to face before. Kim suggested, when she saw the bags of them to "grubby" them. I had forgotten all about that process, so to the basement I went this morning to dig for my wax from the last time I did this and amazingly enough I walked right to it and picked it up. As I finished cleaning the house, I started the melting process. Just old candles melted together.
And then began the dipping. I had no sticks of cinnamon so ground cinnamon and then some fresh ground coffee and nutmeg, some old allspice from the back of the cupboard and some pumpkin pie spice and it smelled yummy in the kitchen.

All lined up and cooling. This was no quick process.

Found some tags, some little wood pieces and some tealights. Let me tell you, if you have never done this before, you will be digging in the cupboards and stashed to see what else you can grubby.

Twenty four sets finished with tags and packed into an airtight container. Lots more to finish, but the little boys will be arriving any minute for their evening with Gramma Cathy and sleepover. I have a pre-made pizza ready to heat up and lots of snacks, some healthy, some not so (hey gramma is allowed to do that) I even bought Jiffy Pop popcorn. I thought that they would get a kick out of that... I hear them pulling in now!


Lesley said…
Hiya there girlie
Wow they look awesome. Grubbying is a lot of fun. Smells wonderful too, the boys will think you were baking for them.
Have fun, I can tell you about a Jiffy Pop story some other time. It is too funny.
Hi, Cathy,
Love the little boys baking on the floor...probably no different than my freshman boys in school...where who know what has been on the counter.
The clothes pins...awesome. So, you dip them in hot wax and then roll them in your grubby stuff? I'd love to try making them, if you wouldn't mind. Would be cute to set around, especially during the holidays...
And...the give away?? If I'm chosen for the next winner (!) I'll help you with the Developmental Stages thing...
Hope you are having a good weekend. ~Natalie
Balisha said…
Those are so cool!I love the new post too, about the boys making muffins. They will remember you as one cool Grandma, when they grow up.Did I say cool twice?? The only word to use.
Amber said…
Those are cute! I bet they smell so yummy!