A Quick and Easy Re-Do

I bought this picture last week at the flea market. Something about the colors that I just could not resist. It was $8.00 and more than I normally pay for something at a flea market because I am normally cheap and would expect to get this for about..let's say one dollar. This was a big purchase for me. It sat right there for a week until this morning when I had to get it done and hung up.
A little paint should do it. As you can see the frame was all chipping and cracked. Not one for the LONG and tedious right way to fix it, I painted it first with Burnt Umber craft acrylic paint.

Then I drybrushed it with first Jo Sonja's Copper and then Rich Gold. These are the best metallic paints I have ever used and I don't think that you can buy them retail any longer, not sure about on-line.

They just make things look so rich and have so much pigment in them.

Here it is, done and hanging in my house.

I think that the colors are perfect! Glad that I didn't pass this one up!


Charmingdesigns said…
Lovely background!!! Its fun to change them around! Glad it worked for you. Laurie
ADayInTheLife said…
That picture is lovely and worth every penny :O) . I also have a hard time spending over a buck for my thrifty finds! Very nice find!