Snowmen and Sunshine

Yesterday we planned a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. It was to be Shelby, Ryan, Kendall, Shelby's friend, Tori, Shawnee, Gracelyn and I. Unfortunately, in the summer of drought conditions that we have been having, this was the day the drought was to end. It was pouring! A quick check with Channel 4 said that it was going to continue to RAIN! We cancelled the trip to the zoo and the rest of the group was going to go to Pittsburgh Mills to the mall. I was going to save my day off to go to the zoo. As they proceeded to the mall the skies cleared and they called me at work when they were halfway to Pittsburgh and said there was a re-decision and that they were going to the zoo. So many highs and lows. One of the benefits of self-employment, I told them to order a meal for me at the restaurant they were stopping at and I would meet them there. A time line would have been a good thing...or maybe not. Maybe it is a GOOD thing for me that the state police are not getting paid right now and are not writing speeding tickets...another story, another time, Pennsylvania has no budget and no one is getting paid. But back to the whirlwind...I left work, cashed a check, changed my clothes and headed to the point where they were waiting for me about 50 miles away....All that took about 45 minutes and I sat down to a waiting meal and had lunch with my family! We proceeded to the zoo, without my camera, and had a great time! One little shower to wait out and a really enjoyable day. Gracelyn loved the penguins and the polar bears! She seemed like the aquarium was the best place for her. Tori (15) learned the very important skill of how to change your shirt in public and never show an inch of skin, something I thought every mother taught their daughters! She was a big help and such a nice girl to have along.

I have been painting snowmen and sunshine. These are some of the snowmen projects that I have been working on...not completely finished, but well on their way to the For Sale stash in the attic.
Remember this chair? It was a yard sale find from last Saturday.

Now it is painted for Gracelyn's doll.
How many of you have sat in those great Adirondack chairs outside a Margaritaville restaurant? I love them, all the bright colors and so cheery and beachy looking!

Shawnee has an Adirondack chair for Gracelyn that I am going to paint next. Then she and her doll will have ones to match!

I am going to draw the winner of my giveaway tonight. Last minute entries accepted! Read below!


Karen said…
I had such a fun read here! The Zoo was going to see all of you no matter what....glad you got to go and had a great time.

You are such an excellent artist and the little chair is beautiful....OH to have a full size one painted like that...HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE!

lisa said…
Oh your work is fantastic!!! I love everything you do....Painting must come naturally to you like it did my mom...My mom was an artist...I'm glad you got to the zoo..It sounded like fun..Lisa
You have definately been busy creating. I hope to be done with these house projects so I can be crafting too! Happy Hump Day ~Natalie
Kath K said…
lovely chair.. her dollies are going to love it.... trip sounds like so much fun.. waiting for a zoo day here .. maybe next
pammyjo said…
The chair is absolutely darling. Of course I love your snowmen, I have some. You are so talented. I wish I could see how you accomplish so much. Blessings, :) P
Lynn said…
We took K-4 to the Pittsburgh Zoo back in May. Talk about rain. I think it was raining up!!! Almost the entire time it rained. Thank goodness for a rain suit. But we were still soaked. I was just glad it was warm. But the kids had a good time and that is all that mattered... It's only about 1 1/2 hours away... By school bus it seams lot longer!! LOL
ttyl, Lynn
The snowmen are adorable, but I absolutely love the chair!