A Giveaway!!!!

Now you might be scrambling to sign up for this one, ready to make your comment BUT...this one has conditions and you have to work for it!

First of all the item to be given away will be one of the items that I have finished in the last week or so...or something that I might be finishing in the next few days or so...you get to pick what you want if you should happen to be the lucky winner! The little train case, the silver pitcher, the snowman teapot, there is even a nice suitcase that I should be finishing in the next day or so....you get to pick! Now for the work part of it, after all it should be somewhat challenging! I am making these cupboard doors into growth charts for my grandchildren. I have to find something else to paint on also because Jenn would like one for the boys, here is where you come in. In the center of these, I would like to start at the bottom and paint a collage type thing of items that would pertain to the kids at the age they are that height...or close but I am drawing a blank for ideas so...in order to be in the drawing for the giveaway, you have to come up with three ideas for me. Now here's the tough part...you have to read the posts and not duplicate any of the ideas! Don't worry not THAT many people ever sign up for my giveaways anyway, it shouldn't be that hard.

And now there are even more guidelines...are you still with me? I promise that it will be a good giveway and worth it!

1. Item from 1 - 5 years old
2. Item from 6-10 years old
3. Item from 11- ? years old. I am sure by this time they will be rolling their eyes and not wanting measured anyway.

I would appreciate any help that you can give me and any promotion that you can give me for ideas.


Ann said…
Cathy, Here are my ideas for you. I'm going the boy route from ages 1-5 building blocks, play balls, trains, and a tricycle. Ages 6-10 a bike with training wheels(maybe closer to start of this age range), sports balls of any sort - baseball, soccer ball, basketball. Age 11 a bike without training wheels and more sport equipment - especially those types that the boys seem interested in at the present. This is such a cool idea for a growth chart - you have the absolute best ideas for your creations. ~Ann
Ann said…
Cathy, Here are my ideas for you. I'm going the boy route from ages 1-5 building blocks, play balls, trains, and a tricycle. Ages 6-10 a bike with training wheels(maybe closer to start of this age range), sports balls of any sort - baseball, soccer ball, basketball. Age 11 a bike without training wheels and more sport equipment - especially those types that the boys seem interested in at the present. This is such a cool idea for a growth chart - you have the absolute best ideas for your creations. ~Ann
OK, let's see...

1-5 girls- baby dolls
nursery rhyme themes
1-5 boy- fire trucks
6-10 girls - favorite book titles
tea sets
6-10 boy- bicycles
11 and up girls - cell phones, ipods and computers
fancy dresses and shoes
11 and up boy- different sport themes

Hmmmm, did I follow the guidelines? This was tough!!! I know whatever you do, it will be great!!
eeekj35 said…
Okay, here goes for the boys I would do the following:
1-5 years should be a train ( a cool engine)
6-10 years should be a sports theme (different balls, maybe on a football field background)
11-? years should be a cool, sports car

What do ya think? Hope I win, Kim
the prim schoolmarm blog
cwa said…
Wow. What a challenge, but your prizes are worth it, so I will give it a shot.

Ages 1-5 how about PETS PLAYING using puppies, kitties, bunnies, etc. Young children usually like small, furry animals.

Ages 6-10 how about SHOOTING FOR THE STARS which could include astronauts, stars, rockets, planets, etc.

Ages 11-15 how about MOVING WITH MUSIC. All the preteens and teens I know like music of some sort. You could paint musical notes, sheet music, different musical instruments, etc.

It's really hard to predict what kids will like when they are older because each is drawn to their own interests. Good luck with the project. I am anxious to see the doors when you are done.
Char said…
oooohhhhh...I am first!...hope I don't duplicate anyone above me!...hehehehehehehehe

Okay here I go:

*1-5 yrs. old....I would do maybe little bugs like fireflies!...little kids are always fascinated with these!

*6-10 years old....I would do maybe a tire swing!....little boys always love these!

*11-? years old....I would do something like baseball, football, soccer balls...what boy doesn't like sports?!

that's mine!...can't wait to see the thoughts!
1-5....teddy bear with blankie
6-10- robot with jax on the floor
11+ radio with headphones
hope i didnt duplicate ;)
Ok, I guess I should have commented a few hours ago before all those other people STOLE my ideas!
I like the idea of showing animals growing up. Kittens and puppies and ducklings etc and then finishing with grown animals.
I also thought that perhaps that design could somehow be incorporated into a picture frame type design for each 5yr marking. Then when the child hits that milestone, put their wallet-size picture in that painted frame.
I really want that little painted case!
My girls always liked getting measured for their growth chart, with the younger one looking over to see how she compared with her sister at the same age. Even now, my older daughter looks at it to compare her son's size to hers at that age. I knows yours will be kept and cherished forever.
Thanks for doing the fun giveaway. I like the ones that make you do more than just comment.
Wow what a fabby challenge
Mmmm How about......

1. Item from 1 - 5 years old

Boys- Tree with creepy crawlies bugs snails snakes etc. crawling all up it.
Girls -Tree with butterflies, flowers climbing flowers etc.

2. Item from 6-10 years old

Boys -Treehouse with ladders with different toys: cars, balls etc on the rungs of the ladder.

Castle with knights etc (Long winding path leading to the castle)

Rocket, with little aliens peeking out of the windows.

Girls - Fairy princess theme, with a long winding path leading to a castle.

3. Item from 11- ?

Boys - modern technology, computers, ipod etc,
Sport of their interest is always popular.
Girls - cheerleader, shoes mobile phones etc.

well that's my ideas....

Can't wait to see your finished doors :)

Jan x
Angela Marie said…
1-5 How about tropical fish?
6-10 How about tigers - both boys and girls that age seem to like them.
11- ocean/surfing theme
Hi Cathy,
Going on what my boys liked at those ages;
1-5 Construction trucks like bulldozers, escavators, back hoes, dump trucks,
motorcycles (Harleys!), hotwheels and matchbox cars
6-10 legos, action figures like star wars or super heros
11 fishing rods, and sports equiptment like soccer balls, baseball bats, basket ball, golf club...

what ever you decide on , it will be just great! Can't wait to see it.
Holly said…
not reading the above - until after I share my ideas -

for your "princess" - something very royal - crowns, royal ring, royal robe, jewels, the top being the castle.

for the boys - bones, dinosaur skeletons, digging materials, at the top a big t-rex head with huge teeth - what boy wouldn't love this?

Ezra suggests anything Star Wars - or video games! lol

for your baby girl - didn't you use stars for her room? How about a glittery star scene? with beautiful prim. stars all the way up? The top being stars and the moon?

I'm interested to see the others - can't wait to see what you decide to do. What a fun blog entry!

Be blessed Cathy!!!
Holly said…
OK, before I read the above, which I havne't done yet, I read your blog entry again - I think I may have misunderstood. Three doors for each child? OK!!!

I'm not sure my ideas would still work?

Maybe start the first 0-5 very cartoony, and then looking more like real life? You could still use the princess theme for the girls and move into royalty later on.

The boys - if you did do dinosaurs - how could that evolve into a big boy idea - unless you put skulls and that type of things on it - but do we really want to encourage that? lol?

I'm not sure I was a help at all - I am going to read the above now :)
Holly said…
hmmm... i posted my ideas, they are not here, hopefully, there is some delay?
Lee Beth said…
Hello, just found your blog. I am from western pa, also. I'm finding this pretty cool to be finding other bloggers from the area. Hey, come check out my blog or leave me a comment or something.
Amber said…
Hey Cathy! I don't have any ideas, but I wanted to tell you I went to a Lia Sophia party last night at which your daughter, Shawnee, was the consultant. She is such a sweetheart, and she looks AND talks just like you. I didn't know she was your daughter at first, but she reminded me so much of you that I asked her where she was from. When she said where she grew up, I asked if you were her mom. Wow! She talks JUST like you. Listening to her was like listening to you. It was very strange.

Anyway, she did a wonderful job and everyone had a great time. Oh, and I'm jealous of her jewelry collection. Lucky girl.
lisa said…
Hi, Kathy, I have been reading your blog for sometime..I usually never enter drawings. Since I have 3 boys I thought this would be easy...
1) first age group would be a bean stalk or giraffe
2) second age groups would be creepy crawly type animals, snakes, turtles, lizards.
3)third choice probably would be electronic gadgets.

Your work is beautiful....
luv2teek said…
OK Cathy,

I'll give it a shot--although I've been out of the little-boy stage for awhile and not yet to the grandkids stage.

Based on some of what my boys liked and living the rural life here in Dayton...

1-5: tractors...tractors...and more tractors--John Deere green or International red

6-10: adventures--tents, forts, pretend army, "when I grow up, I want to be..."

11-?: hunting--cause 12 is just around the corner and they can hunt with Dad (I realize they've changed the rules for Jr. hunters here in PA--but I think 6 is too young to hunt, so we'll stick with the 12-yr-old hunter)

Wow...hope I win after all that brainstorming! Thanks for the chance...take care.
Lynn said…
Little girls
ages: 1-5 A little girl holding that first fist full of dandelions behind her back just for MOM...
Ages: 6-10 A little girl in a cute white sundress running through a field of Daisys on a sunny day...
Ages: 11-? Playing dress up and putting on moms Make-up all smiles trying on moms shoes that are too big, so wanting to fill them...
Hmmm...Since I teach Child Development, I can't get past Erik Erikson's Developmental Stages:
You would want to google this for more specific details & ideas...but I would do some type of growing vine and then the stages...
Infancy = drive & hope
Early Childhood = courage & will
Play Age = Purpose
School Age = Competence
Adolescence = Devotion

etc. etc. etc.