Old painting, New painting, Next painting

Finished this yesterday. It had been sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for inspiration for over two weeks. I think that John was getting tired of cleaning around it (yes, he does clean the kitchen AFTER he cooks, how spoiled am I?) I was going to get silver polish and clean it and then on second thought if I did that it would have to stay cleaned so I painted it as is and sprayed it and it should stay this way. It is going in the For Sale pile because it really does not match in my house. This was the bug box that I painted last year for the boys to catch and capture fireflies. I "found" it again this year and we have not had a chance to use it. Hopefully soon although there do not seem to be as many fireflies this year.

These are the "next" project waiting for inspiration. The two on the left are hopefully going to be growth charts for the little girls, Gracelyn and Kendall and the one on the right is still waiting on some type of thought of what to do with it. It may get a small cupboard built behind it and used for storage in my sewing room unless John is too busy cooking to play carpenter. These needed sanded and I was trying to find the sawhorses until I realized that they were holding up some tool and not available. That is when the picnic table became the sawhorse.

Still trying to figure out how to get the measurements on the doors. I am thinking of gluing a tape measure up the sides of them...suggestions welcome.


Ann said…
Cathy, How lucky your grandsons are to have a custom made, custom painted bug catcher! It's almost too cute to let them use outside. My carpal tunnel is a joke - it's from to much spraying of Shout on baseball pants! I'm fine I just try to guilt the boys into feeling sorry for Mom! Have a wonderful day ~Ann
Kim said…
What beautiful painting! I've always envied people who could paint like you can. I have a hard time drawing stick people!
Love that firefly box!! Can't wait to see what you do with the doors. Wish I had a suggestion for the measurements but my brain isn't working yet this morning. LOL!!
Carol K said…
I think a tape maeasure is a good idea. Or, could you use some sort of fabric or ribbon trim that is in inch increments, say gingham? You are accomplishing way more projects than I am right now....my garden has me mesmerized right now.
What's up with the lack of lightening bugs this year? Usually they come out at the end of June but here it is the middle of July and I've not seen a single one.
Love the idea of the growth chart. I made one for my two but it's on either side of our kitchen door frame. I wish now that I had thought to make it removeable.
I want that train case for your giveaway so I'm going to put my thinking cap on to come up with some ideas. I'll be back later!