Things my daughter makes

We are planning to have an open house at my home in November. My daughter and I are making things and stashing them in my attic for the event. I thought that I would show these before I made the trek to the attic with them. I think that she does a great job on them! Thought that I would show off her talent!


Pam said…
Good Luck...Your daughters things are really pretty. Awesome work.

WOW! How old is your daughter? She is doing a great job!! Takes after her Mom, huh? LOL!!!! Wish I could come to the open house.
Very nice and I'm sure they will all sell right away! She certainly does a great job!
Holly said…
Oh! I want to come to the open house! Sounds like a great place to shop for Christmas gifts!

I love all the prim stitchings!!!
Patti said…
Your so lucky to have a Daughter that wants to do a home show with you. Please tell her she does great work and I'm sure they will sell quickly. Patti
BurttBunch said…
VERY nice stuff!! I agree with Holly...I want to come and shop! LOL =)

Let me know when it is!