Redo, Undo, Make-do, DO!

First of all, I have to show the pumpkins....I finished them! I really want to make some more of these. I like them and I am sure that I will be giving some away, so I will need some to sell also.

Redo: This card box was in the big haul that I posted over a week ago. There are little dividers in it for all of your cards and although I have way more cards than will actually fit, I knew that this would help in the organization.
I sanded off the painting and repainted it yesterday AM and last night I sat on the floor and sorted cards. They are actually organized right now! It even made me want to clean off my desk. A before and after pic of that would have been too embarrassing to post.

Undo: The chairs from the yard sale, well one of the chairs, the other three are still in my car. This on is torn apart and has matchsticks drying in some of the screw holes. It needed some minor repairs. Now to decide whether to paint them as a set, or individually. They would be more fun and less boring to paint individually and I think that they would sell, opinions, please?

Make-do: Remember these lamps from a few weeks ago? I thought that they would be perfect for the boys' room that I still need to do some work on. Painted these up and then realized that the drawers were not interchangeable so they can't have one of each color in them. I guess I should have checked that first. They don't look too bad this way, I guess. Now to find shades.

Do: This is my frustrating story of the week. Somewhere along the line, I allowed my State Sales Tax license expire. There is no real excuse other than I could use a shot of OCD. I know some people that have it, can you catch it like the swine flu? I could have them breathe on me. Off I go to the Most Confusing Website in the World. Seriously, there was so much writing that I didn't know what to look at...but wait, there is a phone number! I call and sit on hold for over an hour. I give up for that day, next day, back to the website, read, read, read, read, read and finally find the form that I need to fill out, hit print, 28, yes, you read that right TWENTY-EIGHT pages to fill out. I forgot to hit draft mode on the printer and do you know how long that took to print all that little writing? I study these papers and my eyes are going cross-eyed and might I mention that through this I am still working and answering the phone and getting more and more frustrated and confused. Ok, so back to the phone, I find ANOTHER number to call, 1 888-PATAXES. Does anyone besides me realize that as an anagram of that you get SEX in it? I didn't think of that until I heard, (in a sexy voice) "C'mon let's have some fun, push one now" Now I know that our state workers have not been getting paychecks regularly, but surely they haven't switched the tax numbers to phone sex lines although given the fact that they were not getting paid, what better revenge against the state? I dial the number again, and again that woman wants to have some fun, well unless she likes to craft and hit yard sales and flea markets, she is not going to be any fun for me. Once again I dial, very carefully this time and ON HOLD with the tax people. HOLD HOLD, HOLD HOLD!!! Hang up because while I am on hold I find the local number and call that number, a human being actually answers and while she is very nice, she is not offering me fun like the last one. She explains that I need to fill out sections 1 through 5 on pages 1 - 11 and section 18 on page 21...good we are down from the 28 pages to 12! Done and sent! Now before you think that I am cheating the state out of tax money, we actually do not have taxable sales normally so they are not losing money on me.
Now I am off to get ready for a dentist appt at 8:00 one half hour away. Did I really think this through when I scheduled that?


Wow, you have sure been busy! What great finds, redo's and best of all, F-U-N!
Dawn said…
Teh pumpkins look great. I always have trouble pulling the thread through to make the sections. It never looks right. Yours looks perfect and I love the chenille!
Holly said…
Hi Cathy! Once again, I'm inspired by your energy and creativity! Love the pumpkins - I looked at Char's site - I may attempt them once my crew heads back to school next week.

Did you add spices to the inside to scent them? What is the mossy stuff on the top?

love the card divider! and lamps!

Have fun!! I'm off to Rimersburg, my sister returns to London tomorrow - sigh! We are spending the day with her.
cwa said…
Your pumpkins are so cute, and so is your madeover box.

I'm sure the situation with the phone call was frustrating for you, but it certainly does make a funny story.

Once our phone number was one digit different than the local hospital. You can just imagine the calls we got. Some of them were rather bizarre let's just say.

Blessings to you.
pammyjo said…
The pumpkins are incredibly awesome. I think, do the chairs individually. I can't wait to see them. :) By the way, I'm going to get your aceo mailed, I just keep forgetting.
Lois said…
Hi Kathy.
I just relized I am spelling your name with a K and a C. Please drop by my blog and let me know which one is correct. For some reason the name Kathy/Cathy has always been a hard one for me. I have a sister by marriage for 33 years and I still can't rmember if I should use a C or K for.
So please don't be offended if I spell yours wrong.
The pumpkins are just so cute!
I can relate to the tax people. I am sure that Canada and the USA use the same paperwork and 1-800 numbers just to confuse us ordinary law abiding people!
Have a great week.