Textures from a 4 year old.

Before the texture part of the post, I wanted to show this little faux penny rug that I painted. These have always sold well in the past for me at craft shows. It is painted on the back of linoleum. You have to buy linoleum that has an allover pattern. Textured block patterns show through on the back. It is so nice to paint on though and will cut in any pattern. I had some of these cut out laying on the shelf since I did shows a few years ago and thought that I would paint them up for the Open House. So, I have been looking at these texture posts the last week or so and thought that I would like to do something like that, not sure when though. Last night we had the boys for a few hours and as usual I was snapping pics of them. Tyler's comment was, "Hey, I want to take a picture to you" As hard as I tried, I could not make him say OF you instead of TO you and finally I just gave up and thought it was cute. Now we won't be showing any of the pic he took TO me, from a 4 year old's stature looking up at grandma is not the most flattering angle for grandma so those were quickly deleted. He did take one of the cutest pics of his brother...forgot to load that one and the greatest "texture" of the back of his Mother when she came to get him, giggling away because he took "a picture of your butt, Mommy" Since I have to work with his mother daily and right now we really need her from now til Christmas to run the embroidery machine at the shop, I opted NOT to show that pic. It was hard Jenn, it was a really good texture!

So here they are....

I think that the little boy will be getting a kid's camera for Christmas, what entertainment that was for him!
I have been saying for quite some time I would like to have an anonymous blog, so much around me provides so much entertainment that I cannot possibly post. You tell me, I have my MIL at work with me everyday...well almost everyday, my children that breeze in and out of the shop constantly, "unusual" customers and "visitors" to the shop constantly. A small town can provide so much material. A friend of mine thinks that we need a reality show. My one step-daughter, Dianna, you may remember her from the Desciption of an Accident post, never fails to entertain us with "blonde" moments. I have wanted so many times to post them, but was afraid to upset her. (or her husband who never heard about the accident UNTIL he read the blog post) She told me that she skims my blog and if it is about crafting, she doesn't read it, but if it is about family she does and that I am free to post ANYTHING about her....I see a family blog coming soon!


What a beautiful fun post...now I think your 4 year old grandson took some really beautiful shots. Look at what was important to him...his toys and how it should be at his age!!...HOW ADORABLE.

I guess I'd tread lightly on photos of my family at awkward moments too...lol
I just saw on TV yesterday that a famous girl comedean is being sued by her mother in-law for jokes told about her...even though she has been doing it for years, now she decides she doesn't like it...hmmmm. Said she wants a cut of her profits cuz it's about 'her'....WHAT?????

Anyway...GREAT POST.
Hugs, karen
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Ann said…
Cathy, If you decide to go with an annonymous blog, you'll have to let me in on the secret, as I don't know any of your family or town residents I can't be offended. I love reading your postings, I am usually LOL with your stories. It's better than my morning cup of coffee! Have a great weekend!~Ann
Aren't grandkids the greatest..I have 2 a boy that just turned 9 and a girl that just turned 5. She was the same way with words. We would say it over and over but with no luck. It was funny. Love the pics.

Have a wonderful weekend


I have several blog post ideas on the 'back burner' too. Happy Weekend ~Natalie