Friday, December 28, 2012

Finally, A Day of Rest

While perusing through my pictures 
this morning, 
I found some things I hadn't shared. 
This was a whim project
after being at 
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse. 
 Most of the letters were found there, 
some I had,
some I made. 

I think that I might make more..
it was fun!  
Shipped off to Gracelyn and Garren's toy room!  

I know that this is hard to see in the picture.
This is an old display case that I have had around for years. 
I had an old fur collar
off an old wool coat
that I laid in there first
and then arranged all my pins,
So many keepsakes in there.
Alligator pins that my dad bought for me in Florida
when I was little,
A pin of my grandmothers,
and one belonging to JWS' grandmother.
My old Brownie and Girl Scout pins.
A great-great aunt's pin,
one made by a friend...

I made these pillows for
Gracelyn and Kendall for Christmas
for their new bedrooms.
Somewhere there is a picture of them completed,
but who knows where?

finally the day of rest.

Before Christmas
I taped the entire
Alex Haley's
I had seen it before,
but it has been years.
I watched the entire thing.

I did not leave my recliner
five hours
for food and bathroom breaks.

I can't even think of the last time that I did that...
it felt great!
A little guilty,
but I think that is a woman thing!

This is what it looked like by my chair...

And I did get these finished.

I guess I wasn't totally non-productive!


Amber said...

Oh my! The embroidered butterfly pillows are so adorable! That's a great idea. I have pretty sizable collection of vintage handkerchiefs that I've often wondered what to do with. I just like them, so I've been collecting them. I LOVE your idea!

lilraggedyangie said...

That center sounds interesting and fun . I love the butterflies so gorgeous and the display of your pins is darling ! Im glad you enjoyed a day of "nothingness" you deserve it ...O love those scarves I so cant knit or crochet talented you are ! Have a great weekend hugs lil raggedyangie

Sheila said...

I don't think you should feel guilty for one minute! For all that you do, are involved in and countless projects, etc. you deserve to sit for 5 hours WITHOUT feeling guilty! Good for you!!!!
Love all the fun projects you've shared.
Have a great day~

jennifer768 said...

Yeah for you!A day of rest has been earned for sure,you are always so busy.Sounds like a great day and the scarves are so neat.Great job on those butterfly pillows! Loved seeing your collection of pins.Have a great weekend.Hugs,Jen